Great, One More Thing to Worry About

Funny Signs - Great, One More Thing to Worry About

Submitted by: Took the photo in Memphis via Oddly Specific

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23 Responses to Great, One More Thing to Worry About

  1. Seibee says:

    Seen after one too many pints of Guinness?

  2. Melodie Beveridge says:

    Where goat? Me no see goat. Aaaggghhhhhh. Damn goats!

  3. Richardmv says:

    It’s too late, they’ve already dived

  4. eyeiscool says:

    It’s the next Olympic sport

  5. js says:

    Is this a breed or an occupation? Do they wear the little caps and speedos? Or maybe a kilt?
    Or maybe they meant Irish DRIVING Goats. Ass Chauffeur.

  6. Malkavian says:

    Didn’t you knew? The irish diving goat was used during centuries to jump on people trying to climb of ramparts. All they had to do was take a goat and let it drink as much wiskey as possible then waited…. Devastating weapon, but now the UN is against it…

  7. wimple says:

    I sense a Monty Python skit…

  8. js says:

    Do they only drink on Irish dive pubs?

  9. Luka says:

    What’s the difference between Irish and non-Irish diving goat?

  10. SteveWithAQ says:


    Nationality. Duh.

  11. jake says:

    I will, for the rest of my life. Thanks for adding to my nightmares.

  12. Stacey says:

    My brother-in-law used to work at this bar – Silky’s on Beale Street. I don’t recall the goats diving into anything, but they would eat ANYTHING drunk people threw at them.

  13. boss says:

    bah this one is too fake… not funny, can make this even in paint.

  14. Angie says:

    Boss, this isn’t fake. It’s a real fenced in area for goats at a bar on Beale Street in Memphis. It’s a tower that the goats walk a circular “staircase” to get to. No, they don’t dive, but it’s a pretty steep walk for them to get back down.

  15. truemouse says:

    There’s a letter missing.

    Should read “Beware – Irish Diving Goatse”

  16. WhoopDehLoop says:

    Uhm…are the diving goats Irish, or are there just Irish people diving goats >.>

  17. OneWithRussia says:

    Do Irish dive goats, or do Irish goats dive?

    …does not compute.

  18. Yomandude says:

    Ach, stop gettin’ me fur soggy!

  19. Katie says:

    Not the Scottish or Welsh, though. They’re fine.

  20. sleazyduck says:

    They actually will dive, but only if you give them all a nice hat, each.
    Or if you can’t afford a nice hat you could jump first!

  21. magouero says:

    they look like Stuka goats ?

  22. killian says:

    why is it always the irish diving goats? those polish diving goats are pretty mean too, you know! but nooooo, its always the irish.

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