Interesting Angle, Salesman

Funny Signs - Interesting Angle, Salesmen

Submitted by: unknown, it was sent to me. via Oddly Specific

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32 Responses to Interesting Angle, Salesman

  1. Luka says:

    And I want to move in next to this asshole because…..?

  2. kvweber says:

    Yeah, that really encourages me to want to purchase this fine home…

  3. Jen says:

    Well, right now I live between two assholes, so only one asshole of a neighbor is a step up!

  4. Seibee says:

    Is that shopped?

  5. Joe says:

    Don’t think he’s going to get many takers.

  6. kali says:

    Wow. It’s either a really good photoshopped picture, or the owners are brutally honest/stupid.

  7. Gustav says:

    At least he used an apostrophe correctly.

  8. Scott says:

    Actually, his neighbor is Anna Shole…

  9. LeKracker says:

    Hey, my neighbor is too! 😛

  10. AmEv says:

    I just wonder what the neighbor sees on the other side?


    “My neighbor just gave me $1 million, and I want to spread the wealth”?

  11. Lynz Catastrophe says:

    Hey pal, neighbor is an asshole, sorry for you, but you want to sell your house right? Then you can’t play up the negative aspects of your house, half the appeal of home buyers are the neighbors. My neighbor is an asshole too by the way, i know how you feel.

  12. Jami says:

    Just remember that a bad neighbor to one person is a good neighbor to another. Just how your personalities mesh.

    Now my neighbor across the street is a meth dealer, but that’s another story.

  13. TL says:

    I assumed the neighbor was a Realtor who wouldn’t sell the house.
    So, the house isn’t being sold because of an asshole neighbor, but it’s being sold by the owner because the neighbor is an asshole.

  14. Donkey burger says:

    That’s probably the worst “House for sale” sign I’ve ever seen.

  15. evie says:

    this sign is a joke, and it’s funny. i can’t believe you guys are taking this so seriously.

  16. adam says:

    Yeah, I agree with evie. I don’t think that this guy was trying to actually sell his home, just say “Hey, you’re an asshole!” to his neighbor in a creative way.

  17. glenn kaestner says:

    interesting however whos to say the owner is really trying to sell his house? maybe just trying to make a point? Either way its priceless!!!!

  18. Alejandro says:


  19. George says:

    The best way to handle an asshole is to be a bigger asshole! I love having assholes as neighbors. Gives me a reason to be a bigger asshole. Then I can watch the asshole backdown and run back into his house with his tail between his legs.

  20. Many times misery loves company….or maybe the potential new neighbor is the same type of asshole so they work out. Never know what will mesh. Also, takers just for the challenge of it all! Good luck on the sale. At least it is an original approach.

  21. Esteban says:

    I have knocked on the door and met the neighbors of every place I have ever lived or attempted to live and it has saved me from having some nightmarish assholes for neighbors.

    Then again, I’m the guy who welcomes the neighbors when they move in with a pie, a cold six pack, my NRA shirt and my holstered Glock 9mm displayed prominently on my hip.

    I always start off our conversations with, “You made a great choice moving in here, the neighborhood is ALWAYS really quiet and free of crime. “

  22. Tom says:

    If the price is right the deal can be real

  23. Shay says:

    There’s no phone number on the sign… I don’t think he’s really trying to sell his house. Just letting his neighbor know he thinks he’s an asshole. lol

  24. Mija says:

    Good job.
    Now, you’re not going to be able to sell your house because your neighbour are assholes.

  25. Mija says:

    *your neighbour AND you are assholes.

  26. Karen Schroeder says:

    and so you want ME to buy your house and get the asshole neighbor?! Think again ding dong! Unless…how much are you willing to pay me to take your neighbor off your hands?

  27. Lizzy says:

    This is one of the most hilarious signs I’ve ever seen in my life. I loved it. I can’t stop laughing. I hope its a joke, and if it isn’t, oh well. we’ll just have to have us an asshole party… ha ha ha

  28. Sonya says:

    LOl ya’ll are silly he did it to piss the neighbor off… I find it Hilarious maybe the nieghbor doesn’t realize hes an AssHole and now he does.

  29. Catlady says:

    heh heh…. Neighbors can be dumb i liked Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Mr. Rogers does’nt like his neighborhood because they are assholes.

  30. Ajglitch says:

    LAWL! I think it’s frigging great! So if you live on the side of an asshole does that make you an asscheek?

  31. Zach says:

    Everyone’s an asshole.

  32. Jonny says:

    Ohh come on guys, you know the full disclosure rules with real estate. This is genius. Had me busting a gut over and over.

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