I’m Not Falling For That One Again

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25 Responses to I’m Not Falling For That One Again

  1. Seibee says:

    So we’ll watch you do your business, but we won’t show anyone else. Honest.

  2. Melodie Beveridge says:

    Let’s see. Where should I place this extra toilet paper? Ah, this camera lens looks like a good place.

  3. dragonmago says:

    for science!!1!!

  4. Sparrow says:

    I’ve heard of being blinded by science, but needing the eye bleach for it? That’s a new one.

  5. SM says:

    Research? Didn’t your parents teach you when you were, like, two?

  6. taitano says:

    Where do I get these stickers?? LOL, that is Awesome! I want some! =D

  7. Aoife says:

    “Research.” Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

  8. This, I hate to say it, looks ‘shopped. The text seems far too clear (read: non-pixelized) to be an actual warning sticker.

    Still funny though.

    (Yes, I know that I probably spelled pixelized wrong…if it actually is a word after all…)

  9. DarwinSurvivor says:

    Our research clearly indicates that you could use these penis enlargement pills.

  10. Hapqy says:

    Research? Oh yeah? Then why do I suddenly realise that these are the same toilets that are featured in “Urine Trouble III” then?!

  11. Jake says:

    Those stickers are from a set that came in a Stuff magazine in the late 90’s. Others included things like “Please refrain from copulating in the elevator.” and “Please don’t hang clothes on the 2 way mirror.”

  12. Wynona says:

    Then why’s it only in the girl’s room toilets?

  13. BIGKitty says:

    Your business apparently IS their business….I am not sure I want to know what their business is! LOL

  14. J says:

    LOL when I was in college (’01-’06) the dorm bathrooms were covered in those stickers! Even if this one is shopped for clarity, I assume these continue to be produced and stuck in unassuming stalls nationwide…I think mostly to freak out visiting relatives.

  15. ThetaSigma says:

    Voyeurism in the name of science! My dreams have come true! Wait… I didn’t mean to actually type that second sentence…

  16. Commander Blip says:

    I just wonder what kind of research it is.

  17. Mandy says:

    Hey theres one of those stickers in my dorm bathroom lol. i was the only one to laugh

  18. Poodleinacan says:

    So if someone has diarea……….It must must be pretty fun for those who will watch it…….and it will block the camera!

  19. happy coonhunter says:

    is it in the toilet or on the wall that is what we have to worry about if on the wall we can cover the lens if in the toilet well we will figure it out later

  20. Karen Schroeder says:

    what could be so important that they would need to see my poop coming out of my butt? I’m waiting. Perverts!

    • Frederica Bimble says:

      Oh wow. That sentence alone is enough to push some folks over the edge… keep talking, that’s it, keep talking.

  21. Andrew says:

    The sticker came with several other joke stickers in a Maxim magazine many years ago.

  22. Yomandude says:

    They better not be discovering how to perfect human centipedery. That would be gross.

  23. Drac is Back says:

    I’ll split the profits with you seventy-thirty.

  24. Sophie says:

    That sounds legit.

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