OMG We’re Trapped!

Funny Signs - You Are Leaving The Ski Resort - You Can Die

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

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27 Responses to OMG We’re Trapped!

  1. Lewis says:

    Immortality WIN!

  2. The One Guy says:

    So the ski resort is the new zombie safehouse?

  3. Jami says:

    So the ski resort is Shangra La?

  4. Seibee says:

    You know, a simple ‘Warning!’ might have worked okay..

  5. Music-chan says:

    Seibee, for skiiers, a simple warning would never suffice

  6. Pamela Workman says:

    Skiers get lost or killed every year because they decide to take unsafe, avalanche-prone backcountry trails instead of staying in the safe ski area. Not funny.

  7. Seibee says:

    No, I suppose you’re right.

  8. Donkey burger says:

    You know, you can die anywhere…

  9. UofUman says:

    Yes, you can die anywhere. But at a ski resort, if you go out of bounds skiing, you can die with a board(s) strapped to your feet and not be found until spring!!!

  10. Mr. Skungeous says:

    To the average resort-area citizen, signs like this may seem obvious to the point of redundancy. And yet, every year…

  11. Rockingfreakpotaus says:

    Natural selection at it’s finest

  12. mrsrochester says:

    Well they can’t say they weren’t warned…

  13. G says:

    I love the implication that if I stay on the proper trails, I can not die.

  14. Sparrow says:

    And I know a couple of wannabe extreme skiers who would take that as a challenge instead of a warning.

  15. Humm. says:

    Come on, Pamela, it’s funny. You just need to think it the way you first thought of it.

  16. Firefly says:

    I took it to mean that the ski resort was like the Hotel California.

  17. Jay says:

    I don’t think I can risk it… I’ll just have to stay on paid vacation FOREVER!!!

  18. UofUman says:


  19. Pamela says:

    Humm, not funny when my tax dollars go to rescuing these guys or retrieving their bodies every few weeks:


  20. wiccagrrl224 says:

    ROTFOL this is hillarous

  21. Eerie says:

    Welcome to the Hotel California…..

  22. Halfway says:

    Cake, pls

  23. Phillip Quinlan says:

    Dude, this is a serious sign. If you leave the boundry you can fall off/get lost and kill yourself.

  24. jhdhkdf says:

    Cool; I’m gonna decide to live forever.

  25. Sam says:

    Oh yeah?! You wanna leave our ski resort? Well you can just go die then!!

  26. PamelaYOUkunt says:

    @Pamela go f*ck yourself, you want to talk about a waste of tax payer dollars? I wouldn’t be a critic because this money ACTUALLY saved a life and f*ck you for thinking we all know what nature is about to do. and most of all why don’t you research the BIGGEST waste of tax payer dollars huh? You’re just mad because you’re too damn fat to get off your ass and do something outside and that tax payer dollars are not going to buy you McDonalds.

    The fact you bitch is crazy, example: so if someone went camping and the weather turns and gets caught in a flash flood we shouldnt air lift them to save them because “That idiot should have known better than to go outside his house” and heaven forbid we use the tax payer dollars to save lives! It’s not like tax payer’s dollars go to like… uh… HEALTH CARE or anything (I’m not from canada but the article cited is, so shove it). Holy sh*t.

    …and yes you idiot, national parks and camping regions have sign-in logs and warnings before you decide to visit, so the warning is still there don’t even try to use that as a legitimate defence.

    f*ck … just f*ck, dude.

    • Bee says:

      Wow dude, that was a pretty harsh rebuttal there. Just because you’re behind a computer screen and therefore anonymous, doesn’t mean that you ought to go off like a fuckin’ lunatic with an NRA lifetime membership who listens to Glenn Beck like he’s the son of that christian god and only gets information from the always *snerk* unbiased Fox ‘News’. Angry trolls like you who hide in their mothers’ basements are what ruin the Internet for everyone.

      All I’m asking is basically… why you gotta be such a fucking dick? This is a humour site. Please remove your head from your sphincter before commenting next time.

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