No Furbies

Funny Signs - No Furbies

Submitted by: dianap via Oddly Specific

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62 Responses to No Furbies

  1. Greg Gregson says:

    I swear I have seen this sign on every plane I’ve been on.

  2. Dan says:

    Furbies have a record-playback feature. This means they are banned from certain security sensitive areas.

  3. Humm. says:

    No one would dare to go there if there was one.

  4. Ragtatter says:

    They’re probably concerned about the infrared signals that the Furbies use.

  5. Altrissa says:

    I think that’s a good rule no matter where you are.

  6. Fire Breathing Ninja Cricket says:

    This is a real thing for military. The damn furbies would learn passwords. Why soldiers were bringing furbies to work is anyones guess.

  7. Mugsy says:

    Saaaaay…that looks suspiciously like a ‘Gizmo’ – you remember, the cute little fuzzy guy from “Gremlins”? Or am I loopy?

  8. Mugsy says:

    Saaay…doesn’t that look like a ‘Gizmo’? You remember, from the film “Gremlins”?

  9. Mugsy says:

    Crud! Sorry for the multiple comments…stupid interweb! 🙂

  10. Rissa says:

    There’s an old urban legend that Furbies are banned from military installations because they thought they could record sound… didn’t want them babbling state secrets!

  11. humor me says:

    You have to wonder just how old that sign is…

  12. Sari Everna says:

    No Tamagachis, either, apparently.

  13. Linfosoma says:

    I’ll have to agree with that sign, I would never be able to sleep in a room with one of those things staring at me…judging me….

  14. Furby says:


  15. Swagatha says:

    Clearly Tamagotchi’s are not allowed either 😦

  16. Me says:

    Furbies contain a radio device in order to communicate with one another so wherever radio devices are forbidden furbys are right out.

    But nobody thinks of them before getting bitten, so once bitten twice shy you get that ridiculous sign.

  17. Adam says:

    I know this is a total buzzkill but I’ll explain why they weren’t allowed. I don’t know if they all did this or if it was just a specific one but they had a model that could be hear and learn phrases and repeat them. I’ve also seen similar toys but I guess this one was effective enough that they felt it could be used to record sensitive or classified conversations. it’s also pretty innocuous so if someone were using it for this it would be easy to overlook. it’s also possible this sign is outside a “sterile” area where sensitive equipment could possibly be effected by ANY electronic devise.

    maybe this is more well know than I realize and I’m stating the obvious, in which case let the flaming begin.

  18. bleh says:

    What’s that next to the Furby? A tomogochi pet?

  19. Lynz Catastrophe says:

    no furby’s, no tomogochi pets, hows about gameboys or something like that? OR WAIT!!! A TICKLE ME ELMO!!!

  20. Cazio says:

    Clearly this is simply a “no horribly outdated technology” sign.

  21. the cat says:

    I thought it was a GPS device. Tamagotchi had those keychains.

  22. scrapheapchallenge says:

    and apparently no tamagotchis either 😀

  23. Seibee says:

    Old sign is old, given the Furby and the ancient-looking mobile phone..

  24. ihadanidea says:

    You sure that’s a Furbie and not a Tribble?

  25. Jami says:

    Furbies cannot record sounds. Go look it up on Snopes. They’re just annoying.

  26. Broomhildda says:

    Glad other people recognized the Tomagotchi! 😀

  27. eriC says:

    So apparently a Nintendo DS is all right to bring… hey, what about handguns? Not on the list, COOL!

  28. Steve says:

    I do know that the infrared signals the furbey gives off can be dangerous to some sensitive medical equipment, as can the radio signals used by the listed communication devices. I know that due to the communication protocols in the Furbeys, they will attempt to communicate with anything they can get their beedy little eyes pointed at. During the clinical acceptance trial at the University of Alberta Hospital, they were playing with a furbey to see what impact it could possibly have. Apparently, during a bootup diagnostic on a heart monitor in for repairs, it sent out an IR probe pulse, which the furbey intercepted. Squacking as they do, it started meeping at the device from about 10 feet away. From what I was told, the device beeped a few times, another chirp from the furbey and then the machine went ballistic, throwing several warning codes, a horrid series of beeping and then potentially frying the main control board. The furbey (or so I heard) started freaking out and may or may not have caught fire, but I know smoke was involved.

  29. Samara says:

    The item next to the Furbie is a pager.

  30. L says:

    … And don’t even think on bringing your Power Ranger, young man. You’ll go straight to jail!

  31. Raindancer says:

    I have to agree with this sign… those things are creepy as hell! Just look at those cold, dead eyes…. *shiver*

  32. D-cat says:

    Claims vs. Reality.

    Tiger claimed the Furbys could not actually record and came with all the words they’d ever say. You just unlocked them as you played with them.

    I know someone (was almost my brother-in-law) who got a suspension when his furby said “mas-tur-bate” in the middle of class. Why he brought it to school I don’t know, but either that damned furby learned what it heard from this then teenager’s environment, or Tiger’s got some explaining to do.

  33. RedDazes says:

    Can’t really blame them… those things are creepy as HELL! I used to have one, I kept it locked in my closet… and it would randomly turn on at night and start talking about how dark it was. Scared the crap out of me.

  34. Meghan says:

    Do people even have furbies anymore?

  35. Malinda says:

    No Furbies OR Tamagachies, it seems to be saying

  36. Lackey says:

    satellite companies had problems with certain models of Furbies interfering with reception.

  37. Evie says:

    I have a morbid fear of furbies… they should all be destroyed with hammers, along with all the other fake pet technology that has a mind of it’s own. Whoever thought those things were safe with kids was WRONG. WRONG I SAY!!!!!!

  38. Brian says:

    these things are fun to put in microwaves!!!

  39. Elfcat says:

    hah, The only place I ever saw one of these was on a QANTAS flight. Australians must be particularly sensitive to devil-toys.

  40. Alex says:

    I thought that was a Gremlin, before reading it. Now that I know it’s a Furby, it makes sense.

  41. EJ says:

    When I was a little kid, I had a furby, and it dissed me so bad. I was listening to the Beatles song “Nowhere Man,” and when they sang, “Just sees what he wants to see,” my furby immediately responded: “Ooh! Me no see you!”

  42. Stoikko says:

    Damn, i always keep my furbie, pager, and microwave/radio thing at hand! what will i do now!?

  43. DMack says:

    when i was little i had a furby n the S.O.B. wouldnt shut up even though i put it in the dark… so i threw him in the stove… of course i got my ass whooped bcuz the whole house started smoking.. lol! i swear i forgot all about that till i saw this!! lmao, good times!!

  44. TOMOGOTCHI(SP?) says:

    umm thAT IS NOT A TOMOGOTCHI PET THEY HAVE KEYCHAINS.FURBYS DO RECORD EVERYTHING CUASE A LONG TIMEAGO people said threating things and left furbys at doorsteps.thus is y they dont even make them anymore.

  45. dks says:

    I have the old skool furbies that don’t record, can they come in? 🙂

  46. Wildbreeze says:

    @Jami, look up what you like on Snopes, that doesn’t make it true. I don’t trust Snopes anymore.

  47. tlcb says:

    had to take batteris out of my 6 year olds furby in the middle of an airport terminal talk about wtf looks

  48. Enyassa says:

    No! Not the Furbie!!!!! *horror*

  49. Laurenhs says:

    you cant take in furbies or tamagotchis. THE HORROR!

  50. the lady with boobies says:

    the thing next to the furbie looks oddly like my medela freestyle breastpump. No breastpumping here either?

  51. KrazyKay says:

    That reminds me of the time my furby committed suicide by repeating some cusswords it heard on my radio. And the station I listened to at the time wasn’t one for swears.

  52. First Lieutenant says:

    I think this is at the NSA… They dun allow Furbies because Furbies record voices.

  53. Secret Agent Coco 66 says:

    furbies are just creepy… i have one from when i was little and it freaks me out… it swears too…

  54. minä says:

    doesnt that thing there beside thet furbie look like a tamagotchi?
    no anykind of toys?

  55. N\A says:

    if you have that furby with the little black thing in the forehead or if you have Shelby Furby: black thing on forehead takes pictures same thing with shelby

  56. Kumiho says:

    Cannot substanciate the claim, but a military buddy says this sign was posted for a bit at the Pentagon.

  57. Thalia says:

    I’ve seen this sign.

  58. LOL says:

    the SAT’s have gone TOO FAR!

  59. The 'Good' Doctor says:

    No Poke-Walkers either!

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