funny signs - What?

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

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17 Responses to What?

  1. yesyes says:

    This is in the UK. This sign is used to indicate that the following variable road sign (the ones with a display that can show different speed limits and so on) is not in use and therefore it being off does NOT cancel any previous speed limits. Otherwise, a variable sign not showing anything cancels any previous limits.

    In this case though there’s no sign of a variable sign… 😉

  2. Trivea says:

    The sign is a lie.

  3. TheCannyScot says:

    Maybe it’s reversible, kind of like the fold-down signs for ice on a bridge. More likely, someone somewhere checked a box on a form, and a sign with that text on it was churned out.

  4. dragonmago says:

    “I’m not here…this isn’t happening…”

  5. Seibee says:

    It is probably for a SID sign. The sign itself might be lurking behind a tree. They do that a lot with signs they don’t want you to spot. And speed cameras.

  6. foxmaiden says:

    Its Shroedingers Road Sign! Its both in use and not in use! xD

  7. Quarxyz says:

    Not in use?
    I beg to differ.

  8. Shep333 says:

    No comment.

  9. IKE says:



  10. Blimlimlim says:

    Shep333, if ytou really have no comment, don’t leave a comment :p

  11. foxmaiden says:

    Oh the irony. lol

  12. TheCannyScot says:

    foxmaiden FTW!

  13. Shep333 says:

    @Blimlimim…I don’t think you understand. I never left a comment. What ur reading right now is also not a comment. I never leave comments.

  14. the cat says:

    I think what you mean to say is: comment not in use.

  15. Bleh says:

    Ceci n’est pas une pipe.

  16. 3mo Pwny Association says:

    technically by informing us of this it IS being used.

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