I See A Couple Of Bad Train Conductors.

funny signs - I See A Couple Of Bad Train Conductors.

Submitted by: Cyberkedi via Oddly Specific

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41 Responses to I See A Couple Of Bad Train Conductors.

  1. Seibee says:

    I see….no wait, never mind.

  2. Phikus says:

    I see two trains making out. Transformer love?

  3. Luka says:

    This is how eskimo trains greet each other

  4. The One Guy says:

    You have to close your eyes if you don’t want to say anything.

  5. Anna says:

    The sign looks odd…like it was photoshopped.

  6. chris says:

    @anna I thought the same thing …..it just looks wrong

  7. Jimmy says:


  8. Sparrow says:

    I’ve seen similar signs around the airport I used to drive by on the way to work. It’s an anti-terrorism thing. I can understand the intent, but there’s still something eerily Orwellian about it.

  9. Noah says:

    If you See Something, Say Something. If you notice an unattended package, witness anything unusual, or see someone acting suspiciously, tell the Rail Operator or the Customer Assistant immediately, or call 9-1-1.

  10. Danelaw says:

    They’re anti vandalism adds, courtesy of the West Australian government.
    It’s might look wrong, because it’s semi transparent.

  11. Katie says:

    @anna @chris Those signs actually look like that irl. It’s a seethrough window cover. The trains, however, are usually less scrunchy.

  12. Mavis says:

    The sign has definitely not been Photoshopped. These are 2 Transperth trains from Perth, Western Australia. What an awesome campaign…

  13. Shep333 says:


  14. ecco6t9 says:

    Driver on the right – “Yeah I got some ass heading right into me.”
    Driver on the left – “Yeah some douche is about to hit me he’s probably yammering away on a cell phone.”

  15. CriticalHazard says:

    Looks like one of the many Green Line crashes from the good old reliable MBTA . . .

  16. Mitch says:

    These trains are from Perth, Australia (hence the TransPerth Logo) and i *think* the sign is referring to graffiti or suspicious behaviour in general.

  17. Basara549 says:

    I see fired people….

  18. Perey says:

    The signs are real — these are Transperth (Perth, Australia) trains. They did start out as an anti-terrorism thing, but by now I reckon they’re as much about reporting general misbehaviour as “gee, I saw this guy leave his umbrella on the train — IT’S A BOMB!”. Still kind of Orwellian, though.

    (If the sign still looks wrong, it may be because they use different materials over the glass and over the metal. The part over the metal in this picture is peeling off a lot.)

  19. RJMac says:

    Uh, dude….there’s, like, another train in front of us and stuff…….you may wanna (CRUNCH!!!) never mind, we hit it…..

  20. Curt Sampson says:

    I see a terrerr…errr..

  21. A says:

    I think its safe to say the drivers had a lack of “train”ing.

  22. Bob says:

    trains are in Perth, Western Australia.

    Transperth fail.

  23. Hellfire says:

    “The sign looks odd…like it was photoshopped.”

    Sign’s real – they’re on every train (I live in the city where these trains operate).

  24. ohok says:

    the sign isn’t photshopped. it’s a another lame transperth campaign.

  25. SJW says:

    That’s brilliant!

    Anna & Chris – I can guarantee it’s real. These are the new Transperth trains from my city, Perth Western Australia. The sign looks funny because its full of tiny holes, making it see-through from inside the train.

    Sparrow – it’s actually about vandalism and violent behaviour. Not much chance of terrorism in sleepy little Perth [love my city!].

  26. jgt2598 says:

    I’ve seen these exact signs all over the Cleveland State University campus. I’ve never really thought of them as weird or Orwellian, but now I think about it…

  27. just passing by says:

    If You See Something, Say Something = Don’t Forget to Always Fear Your Fellow Humans.

  28. Napoleon says:

    I see a little silhouette of a man….

  29. Howie says:

    I see a fail

  30. xnamotorp says:

    The sign is common anti-terrorism awareness slogan in many English speaking counties. As far as the trains looking like a conductor failure, many transit trains now have a small operator room at each end of all cars. This is so the operators can switch travel directions after each trip easily. This design also helps in case they need to detach a car for maintenance and still use other cars.

  31. AeonVeil says:

    something! SOMETHING! SOMETHING!!! shit…

  32. Mija says:

    I see two idiotic train drivers.
    No, I think it’s an old lady and a glass.

  33. nibble says:

    For two trains that collided head-on, there’s very little damage. Kudos to them for slowing them down (almost) enough in time!

  34. Ainnenoi says:


  35. Marthe says:

    Something. Something! SOMETHING!! SOOOOMEEETHIIIIIIING!!!!!! SOMET- Gah.. Screw it.

  36. mrsaturn says:

    ladies and gents of the world, this is transperth. its the public transit system of perth, wa, australia and its run by fucking morons. and almot none of the guards speak fluent english.

  37. not me says:


  38. Mary says:

    what something?

  39. Ken says:

    I see a face in the trains. Should I say “Something” to someone on Happy Chair is Happy?

  40. Ceman says:

    Bad conductors?
    What? they should’ve turned left or right when they saw each other?

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