But… How?

funny signs - But... How?

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

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30 Responses to But… How?

  1. dragonmago says:


    Perhaps it was the aliens…

  2. Tarcas says:

    Not too cold to add an extra O. I guess it was just too cold to spell.

  3. Seibee says:

    And too cold to use correct grammar. But full marks for lulz XD

  4. Alice says:

    Why does it say there are 2 comments when there are 1?

  5. duckbill says:

    I have a wonderful mental image of an angry, shivering employee on a ladder…

  6. Blimlimlim says:

    Ohh, irony… 😀

  7. Asha says:

    Does anyone else agree that half of this site’s content would be better placed on Friends of Irony?

  8. dm_punks says:

    I think the extra o’s were due to shivering.

  9. teracoda says:


  10. BoringTroll says:

    I know this game. I’ll correct your grammatical error, but with at least one error for the next player to correct.

    There was only won extra o.

  11. Huh…So it’s too cold to change the sign….

    If that’s the case….how did they change it to that in the first place?

    And also, wouldn’t it be easier to just put up whatever was supposed to be there, rather than such a message?

  12. Trivea says:

    Oh, games. Awesome.

    You’re supposed to use ‘one’ their.

  13. oh_dear says:

    Oh, you said “their” insted of “there.”

  14. Samara says:

    Rong their it is spelt There!

  15. Samara says:

    Wrong their it is spelt There!

  16. chayes19 says:

    It’s too cold is it? Someone must have gone up there to change it so the sign said that.

  17. Devil Dan says:

    The sign is a paradox.

  18. Oahi says:

    Wrong spelled spelled thar.

  19. biggles1 says:

    The sign is also a lie…

  20. D-R says:

    This is almost a win. Unless they were being sarcastic, in which case this is already a win.

    I want to go there! 🙂

  21. Basara549 says:

    Yeah, change the sign to that, then not change it the rest of the winter.

    The question is – was it a way of saying “come inside for the specials”, or “boss, you don’t pay me enough to keep changing this sign for the rest of the winter – if you don’t like it, change it to something different, yourself!”

    • ShanaBeth says:

      My money’s on “you don’t pay me enough for this crap, take this!” Someone was very pleased with the task at hand.

  22. Anonymous Comedy says:

    I know how!
    very carefully.

  23. x says:

    Its not really that hard to see what happened here. This Dunn Bros is probably somewhere where it gets really cold, so, before it got really cold for the winter, they decided to change it to this for the entire winter. They put it up before it was cold, so it was untrue for a short time, then it was true for most of the winter.
    Plus its a coffee shot, so advertising that its cold might bring in customers.

  24. adela says:

    too cold for good grammar, too.

  25. whocares says:

    they do not use a ladder… they use a stick

  26. flyingwhale says:

    Its a marketing tactic….. it makes you feel colder, so as to buy coffee. It also provides free advertising on sites such as this.

  27. Danie says:

    This looks like the Dunn Bros in Bemidji, MN! 🙂 BTW, its FREEZING here!

  28. KT says:

    I thought it was b-town, too!!! and yes, it gets very cold there, especially at that location by the lake!

  29. Mary says:


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