Alligators Will Become Dangerously Fearless

funny signs - Alligators Will Become Dangerously Fearless

Submitted by: moserin via Oddly Specific

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22 Responses to Alligators Will Become Dangerously Fearless

  1. Seibee says:

    It makes it sound like the alligators would hunt you down…

  2. 216 says:

    they make it look like the alligator is trying to force himself on her or something

  3. Duke says:

    I hate when alligators hit on my date.

  4. worm says:

    Holy crap … That alligator has grown thumbs! … and appears to be dancing with some chick … … … ummmm, Bob … What kind of mushrooms did you say you put in the omelets again?

  5. Metz says:

    Wow, so THAT’s what happened to Uncle Wally!

  6. Tree says:

    Uncle Wally!

  7. Bert says:

    They become fearless, bipedal, humanoid dancers? What the Hell are you feeding these Gators?!

  8. UniBob says:

    Don’t dance with the alligators. They will become dangerously fearless…

  9. RJMac says:

    I’ve heard of “Dances With Wolves”, but never “Waltzes with Gators”

  10. Cole20200 says:

    Her hands say no no, but her eyes say yes yes.

  11. Basara549 says:

    “I’m rooting for the crocodile…”

    (I had to say that, Betty White was my mother’s name)

  12. Basara549 says:

    “I’m rooting for the crocodile…”

    (the fact that my mother was also named Betty White compels me to this)

  13. Basara549 says:

    Grrr…. sTupid browser errors – It looked like it didn’t send, even after multiple page reloads, so I retyped it.

  14. Jadeer says:

    I saw the last fifteen minutes of that movie. It was Weird! On another note, gators cannot swim through quicksand. ^~^

  15. G says:

    OMG I’ve been to that place…people don’t read, unfortunately…

  16. ceemoy says:

    I call rule 34 on your alligators!

  17. Push'd Wood says:

    She looks like she’s about to orgasm…..

  18. Jami says:

    For those confused by the picture, this is from a 1959 horror movie called The Alligator People.

    “A young wife (Beverly Garland) is abandoned by her husband (Richard Crane) on their wedding day. Distraught, she traces him to his ancestral home in the bayous of Louisiana, where, amid the swamps and deadly undergrowth, she discovers a terrible secret.

    Her husband was saved from death by an experimental medical procedure involving serum derived from alligators, and now he’s developing horrifying side effects. She’ll face any danger to help him, but soon discovers her love may not be enough. (1959, b&w)”

  19. perfect acai review says:

    Ahh Betty… She’s so funny! I even know where St. Olaf is. How funny is that!But I LOVE that “betty white is sick of your s***” poster. Flippinghilarious!

  20. kitty cube says:

    Rapists are fearless. The visual metaphor is perfect!

  21. lambby says:

    If you do not feed the alligators, they do not become dangerously fearless, they simply remain fearless, and instead perform heroic deeds.

  22. theinnerlight says:

    Unfortunately, stupid people feed alligators, taunt alligators by throwing things at them and propagate more stupidity. When you teach an alligator that food comes easily to them close to the edge of the water, then they start looking for people with items that can be food, like the pets that happen to be with the people. Big problem here in Florida.

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