Watch For Falling Cows

Watch For Falling Cows

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

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45 Responses to Watch For Falling Cows

  1. Seibee says:

    The cow doesn’t seem to be trying to save itself..

  2. ta2dman says:

    Actually, I know where this one is (or one like it)…. In Northern California, on Lucas Valley Road in Marin County, there is a section of road where there is a big cliff above the road. About every few years, a bunch of cows seem to get confused and fall over the cliff. Cars have been hit by falling cows (Yow, that HAS to hurt).

  3. Flippy says:

    What do you expect it to do? Flap its legs?

  4. Neorecon says:

    Thats the leader of the herd. The others are close behind

  5. ceemoy says:

    The cow seems to be aiming for that car…

  6. Luka says:

    Lemming cow

  7. the cat says:


  8. X says:

    You know, I’ve always thought those “falling rocks” signs were kind of funny to look at anyway, but here someone has modified one to encompass the two great dangers of driving through Arizona/New Mexico mountains – beware of those vicious rocks and beware of Ninja Cows.

    (I’m kind of sorry it’s not a real sign – think of how much money the state could save by having these multipurpose signs! It’s almost as good as the many “Rough Road” signs – so much cheaper than actually fixing the road!)

  9. Squishy says:

    Call to the Insurance Company:

    ‘Hello? I’d like to report a claim’
    ‘A cow fell on my car’
    ‘a cow?’
    ‘yes a cow, a bovine, where steak comes from’
    ‘ok did the cow have insurance?’
    ‘did the cow have insurance?’
    ‘yes we will not pay a claim if you were not at fault’

  10. bob_super says:

    It’s either a very big car or a very small cow. A sheep maybe?
    I like the additional rock to catch people that would try to dodge right

  11. Kittymama says:

    It’s just warning cars, cows, rocks, roads, everyone it can.

  12. MRL says:

    Seibee: Exactly what could the cow do to save itself at that point? Deploy a parachute?

  13. Duane Starcher says:

    A cow fell off a cliff between Chelan and Manson, WA, a couple of years ago. There was a falling rock sign there anyway and some enterprising wag added a cutout of a cow to it. If it wasn’t the sign shown here it was very similar. The cow icon was taken off a couple of days later by the highway crew. It appeared on if you would like to search it out.

  14. Seibee says:

    No, but it would look awesome if it did.

  15. skeptic says:

    It’s not really “watch out for falling cows”. It’s “watch out for Monty Python scenes”.

    Fetchez la vache!

  16. Azurett says:

    Actually, this sign is from Chelan, Washington. A single cow had fallen off a cliff and hit a car; after that, people went crazy over this and made sweatshirts and shirts, and a couple signs were posted near the area it occurred. (They have been removed because it’s not an actual sign, however.)

  17. eriC says:

    Came here for Earthworm Jim reference. Leaving disappointed.

  18. Sparrow says:

    @Seibee and MRL – I now have this image of BASE jumping cows in my head.

  19. Setin says:

    I had enough trouble convincing my insurance company that a car drove into my house (someone parked the house too close to the street) — I can’t imagine them buying a “falling cow” story at all!

  20. LeKracker says:

    The cow is half the size of the car…

  21. Dana says:


  22. T says:

    That’s not a cliff, it’s the tornado from Twister.

    “Cow. ‘Nother cow.”
    ” ….Actually I think that was the same one.”

  23. Ashley says:

    yes, these are real signs, and real dangers (as stupid as that sounds). had a motorcycle class instructor happen to her on a ride once.

    either way, it’s still a great and funny sign 😀

  24. Lovejones says:

    Eat more Chiken.

  25. Sir Gallahad, the Chaste says:

    I know of one on the way out of Red River, NM.

  26. Bert says:

    The new extreme sport at the farm – B.A.R.N jumping.

  27. RaleighRob says:

    “I gotta go Julia, we got cows!”

  28. Zoë says:

    I’m actually concerned that there don’t appear to be any people in that car. Do you think they saw what was happening up ahead and fled?

  29. William Wade says:

    Forget spilled milk. How about a spilled cow? I’ll get the crying towels.

  30. Ian says:

    I live in Spokane WA, and my brother actually heard a news report on the radio were someone just outside of town had a cow fall on their car.

    the funny thing is there are no cliffs or even drops for quite a ways out of town. so I visualized a cow sitting ontop of a car in the middle of a field xD (which is plenty likely knowing the ass backwards town I live in)

  31. Liz says:

    Sadly, this is a sign that had to be put up after the leader of the cow herd decided to give everyone flying lessons off the nearest cliff.

  32. She says:

    Falling cow signs are also posted in the Kern Canyon on Hwy 178. This looks a whole lot like the mouth of the canyon… but really, I guess most canyons look similar.

  33. dks says:

    Wow, genius… put a sign up, don’t put a fence to prevent this.

  34. lizzie says:

    Was the fourth car after a cow had fallen from the Kern Canyon on Sunday evening about 7 on February 21st, 2010. The first (or second) car had hit the cow, so it got a very double whammy and was really dead, thank heavens! And ICK! At the next ‘call box’ (there isn’t cell service in the Canyon), there were the first three cars calling the danger in. It really was in the very middle of the road! I would have loved to have heard that insurance call.

    And yes. I wish they hadn’t stolen that sign. Now the flashing lights just say “Watch for rocks in Kern Canyon.”

    Love all your comments!!!

  35. lizzie says:

    Was the fourth car behind the falling cow and the car that hit it! 2-21-2010 Kern River Canyon, CA. We had a sign once, but it was stolen. And if they put up another one, it’ll get stolen too. Who wouldn’t want that sign?

  36. Curly says:

    That’s udderly ridiculous!

  37. MsTracy says:

    How udderly ridiculous…cows aren’t that bright, walking over the edge of a cliff…

  38. Bucket says:

    “Mind the cows, dear.”
    “But they’re over there in the field… minding the cows.”

  39. olive says:

    post if you think this is funny or stupid
    i think it iis funny my friend thinks its retarded vote now

  40. Kelly says:

    There is a sign like this in the Kern River Canyon, CA. Every few years some vandals with a sense of humor add a falling bicycle to it too. I think it is funny, but unfortunately true, there are free range cows up there that often end up in the highway or occasionally falling into the highway

  41. susannahmio says:

    I have actually witnessed a cow falling off a cliff.

  42. Andyk57 says:


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