No Nunchucks

No Nunchucks

Submitted by: U of A in Tucson, AZ via Oddly Specific

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62 Responses to No Nunchucks

  1. pugged says:

    I think it says no jump ropes. Everyone knows how dangerous jump ropes are in the hands of the clumsy.

  2. Nick says:

    Wait, are those nunchucks or jump-ropes?

  3. emrien84 says:

    Being a student of the U of A, I have never noticed paid too much attention to the pictures on the signs. I think I’m gonna have to start doing that. Totally hilarious!

  4. Daniël says:

    No skipping ropes allowed.

  5. InfiniteMonkey says:

    No tampons?

  6. Ben says:

    No jump rope?

  7. judalea says:

    I thought it looked more like a skipping rope.

    “Move along, little girl, your kind is not welcome here.”

  8. kvweber says:

    Are you sure it’s not a deadly jump rope?

  9. ShortyBoo says:

    It looks like a jump rope to me.

  10. bob_super says:

    Let’s have 12 more people say jump rope, in case we didn’t get it…

    I’d say it’s a garrotte. It does qualify as a weapon and most colleges have been affected by a recent epidemic of garrotting … (cue The More You Know jingle)

  11. frostbeule says:

    Come on! Someone’s first association is NUNCHUCK instead of jump ropes?! Get out of your basement and see some daylight! Damn dangerous jump ropes!

  12. Bert says:

    You’re all wrong. These are not just nunchuks, but the even more deadly DYNAMITE nunchucks.

  13. Chris says:

    We are discussing a college campus. A drunk frat boy carrying nunchuks really doesn’t seem to far fetched

  14. Ryan says:

    I see this exact sign EVERY day. It’s made slightly funnier by the fact my friend the Pastafarian dresses like a pirate every Friday complete with multiple knives and I think occasionally nunchuks.

  15. Nick says:

    @Chris, given some of the videos I’ve seen on YouTube carrying nunchucks, the idea of a drunk frat boy carrying them doesn’t seem too dangerous either (except, perhaps, to himself).

  16. Seibee says:

    So that university doesn’t allow skipping ropes and/or ninjas. A pity.

  17. Junkyard says:

    @ Nick – if a video can carry nunchucks, we are surely all doomed.

  18. bob_super says:

    By the way, if the whole campus is weapon-free, how do they cook and eat without knives, build without hammers, practice without baseball bat?

    Do the cops leave their guns at he gate? I don’t see an exception clause on the sign

  19. Argyle says:

    I was thinking Garrote Wires… lol

  20. Jami says:

    And you know someone must’ve at one time, carried nunchucks, saying that the weapons policy didn’t cover them.

  21. Lady C says:

    or a garrote….could be a garrote. Or a skipping rope.

  22. Trivea says:

    More deadly than psychos with knives or disgruntled students with guns – ninja with jump ropes.

  23. mike says:

    I am surprised no one has pointed out this actually looks like no jump ropes.

  24. Heather in Oregon says:

    @bob_super – Jump ropes

    @ everyone who said Garrote….I couldn’t help but think of the dance with the same name…

    I would have thought it looked like an old wire cheese slicer or a piano wire myself.

  25. SatishMistry13 says:

    Holy crap, does not anyone know of fiberwires? they are one of the few weapons that can pass a metal detection. Its used for choking people. nun-chucks have chains, and I’d imagine a skipping rope would be longer. Some people just need to play Hitman once in a while. The only person on here that got close, in fact he was right was Argyle. Garrote Wire, Fiber Wire same thing, strangulation device, NOT A NUN-CHUCK!

  26. Kevin says:

    It must be no jump-ropes, since nunchucks are already illegal in Arizona anyway. But yeah, I’m also a student there and the kitchens totally have knives, I’m not sure where they draw the line between knife-as-tool and knife-as-weapon, but at least they realise that some are tools.

  27. the cat says:

    “In violation of state law A.R.S 13-3101”
    You’d think if it were in violation of state law, they wouldn’t want to announce it with a sign. Kinda strange the law isn’t supportive of this policy.

  28. Val says:

    I teach at an elementary school where we have one of those signs stating that we’re a weapon free school. One weapon that is crossed is brass knuckles. My first graders thought it was a picture of a pawprint. I was like, “Yep, that’s right! Now animals at school!”

  29. Again says:


    You do realize that these signs DO prevent violence on the campus right?

    So the numchucks have a little too long of a chain, whoop de doo. Are you going to demand that they take them down to remedy that small, insignifigant error and allow people to carry guns and other weapons on campus or are you all just going to shut the f**k up?

    Compared to another VT or Columbine a funny sign is nothing. Move along.

  30. Rizz Rustbolt says:

    I think they might of outlawed violent feminists.

    “Taste dirty tampons, you horrible men!” *Fling!*

  31. UA Student says:

    So I went to the University of Arizona. Someone was kicked out of a dorm for possession of nunchucks about four years ago. So, yeah, way to go WILDCATS!

  32. tucsonkittymama says:

    I think the sign itself is in violation of state law, Arizona Revised Statute 13-3101. At least it looks that way.

  33. Suzianne says:

    WTF, no jump ropes? Yet hand grenades are aright.

  34. Wikipedian Protestor says:

    “You do realize that these signs DO prevent violence on the campus right?”

    Citation needed.

  35. Captin Falcon says:

    Aww, does that mean i can’t bring my Wii either

  36. JP says:

    What it actually says is “Soft, Target Rich Environment. . . Killers Gauranteed A Large Body Count!”

  37. Gauess says:

    I see “no wii-chucks allowed”

  38. allen says:

    “You do realize that these signs DO prevent violence on the campus right?”

    really? how exactly does a sign prevent anyone from doing anything? when did a sign stop anyone who actually wanted to break the law?

    here’s an idea..let’s put up “no law breaking” signs..that’ll be equally as effective.

  39. Basara549 says:

    “Again”: “You do realize that these signs DO _prevent_ violence on the campus right? ”

    You misspelled ENCOURAGE.

    VT was so deadly BECAUSE of weapon restrictions on the law abiding students.

    And there have been several cases since Columbine where copycats were SHOT DEAD by teachers (and possibly even other students) went out to their vehicles, got the guns they weren’t SUPPOSED to have on campus, and took out the perp before the authorities arrived.

    All college campus weapons bans do is make students easy victims for murderers, muggers and rapists. PERIOD.

    Especially when you have idiot schools like my old alma mater, where I was a Student Senator for 2 years, where the Administration thought that a parking lot was too dangerous for EMPLOYEES(!) to be in after dark, so made it a FEMALE RESIDENTIAL STUDENT PARKING LOT, and several rapes/rape attempts occured.

  40. Sigg says:

    Maybe Microsoft or Sony paid them a huge fee to ban Nintendo Wii from campus?

  41. Going Postal says:

    I think the UA recently passed a law that it is okay to bring your gun on campus as long as you leave it in your car. I’d like to assume they’d let you leave your jump rope there too.

  42. Ron says:

    I would make a point of demanding to know why the dean and the entire administration WANTS YOU DEAD!!

    I would also make a point of assisting the famillies of the dead and injured at VT and anywhere else to seek indictments against the admins and legislators involved in those unarmed victims guarantee policies as conspirators and accessories to the crimes.

    Why does no one else think of that?

  43. Stacey says:

    I guess Chuck Norris should just stay home…

  44. L says:

    No bazooka sign. Does that mean it’s alright?

  45. Travis says:

    more guns=less violence, its common sense. I hate rationalization for that very reason.

  46. Dr Balls says:

    You know some anime nerd is going to get busted for his cheap replica katanas in his dorm room and his defense will be “But replica katanas aren’t on the sign!”

  47. CC says:

    It’s quite possible that they really intend to forbid nunchakus. That’s because of a few strange rumours that they could be used to strangle people. Of course, anyone who has ever held a nunchacku will know that it’s not exactly easy – then you’d need to forbid scarves and any kind of rope as well — however, nunchakus are still officially banned by law over here, in the Netherlands…

  48. duckettorama says:

    You do realize that these signs DO prevent violence on the campus right?”

    Yep! its a known fact that people intent on using weapons illegally head warnings on signs.

    “I am sooo going to kill that fucker in that building over there… wait, whats this sign say? ‘no guns or nunchucks’… Fuck!!! I guess I can’t kill him.”

    Classic belief that laws make us safe… it is only the >>PEOPLE who ENFORCE<< the laws that criminals are afraid of.

  49. Nanu Nanu says:

    Hey has anyone noticed that those look like jump ropes?

  50. MacFall says:

    Victim disarmament for the win! 8D

  51. Joel says:

    Tazer Prongs.

  52. francoise says:

    those ain’t nunchucks – they’re skipping ropes!
    which of course, i guess, makes more sense (?)

  53. Mr Rodgers says:

    No Jump ropes allowed. You may be injured due to inadequate skills in double dutch

  54. Josh says:

    Maybe funny, but kids actually do bring those things to school all the time… and think they know how to use them.

  55. Matrix says:

    The sign should read: “Attention Criminals: All Peaceful Law-Abiding Citizens have been disarmed for your convenience”

  56. Mr Rodgers says:

    Jump ropes? My god, what are these parents teaching their children?

  57. Tiny Tim says:

    Tampons? Tampons are the devil Bobby Boucher

  58. writofassistance says:

    these are not nun chucks or jump ropes. that is called garrote wire and it us a thin wire used for strangling people. so this sign really is not that weird

  59. Matt says:

    Looks more like a Jumpropee to me…

  60. Privicy says:

    So I would be arrested for jumproping?

  61. toah14 says:

    i think the last one is a taser… like a taser gun…like the one cops have…

  62. HelenaTroy says:

    why have they banned skipping ropes? too handy to strangle people with?

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