LOLMart Shirt of the Week: OMGWTFBBQ

lolmart shirts, omgwtfbbq

Today’s LOLMart Shirt of the Week is available to purchase THROUGH SUNDAY ONLY, and then it will be gone forever!

OMG = Oh. My. God.

WTF = What the Fu—nyuns! Sorry, I got hungry while typing that sentence, and so I reached over to grab some of those delicious onion-flavored corn chips. Mmmm, Funyuns!!! My mind must have wandered. Where was I?

BBQ = The food, the event, or the appliance involved in slow-cooking delicious yumyums over a smoldering fire for a long period of time. Hopefully with a cold beverage in hand and some good music coming from a nearby boom box. ‘Cuz nothin’ beats a slow-roasted hot dog while jamming out to Taylor Sw…I mean Bowie. Yeah, David Bowie. He’s still cool, right?

OMGWTFBBQ = an emotion for which there are no words, only an unwieldy acronym.

Well, it used to be there was only an acronym. Now we have a t-shirt.

LOLMart t-shirts are priced at only $15 (that includes FREE US ground shipping!) and make the perfect gift for a friend (or for yourself).

lolmart shirts, omgwtfbbq design

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2 Responses to LOLMart Shirt of the Week: OMGWTFBBQ

  1. the cat says:

    These have become pretty annoying now that they’re so frequent AND inserted on every Cheezburger site AND advertising the same damn thing every time. I didn’t want this shirt the first 67 times I saw it… care to guess if I’ve changed my mind yet?

  2. Winter says:

    BBQ also = Be Back Quick =p Which makes more sense, but admittedly produces a obviously weird visual.

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