Epic Laziness

Epic Laziness

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64 Responses to Epic Laziness

  1. Brian says:

    That road (street?) runs throughout Philly and the suburbs. It’s over 10 miles long and throughout each city, township, etc. it switches from East Street Rd. to West Street Rd. In just eight miles, you cross from east to west and west to east roughly five times.

  2. Kayla says:

    There is a road near where I used to live called Dirt Rd… It was unpaved.
    Which one is lazier?

  3. kilroyjc says:

    I just drove past a sign like this in Doylestown PA and couldn’t get the cellphone cam out quick enough – and didn’t have time to go back around. . . dammit!

  4. Lindsey says:

    Street rd…where red lights are yellow…

    • LuLu says:

      That’s kinda what I was wondering……which is more lazy- naming a road “street” or replacing a red stop light with a yellow one? Hmmm. The city planners here are definitely giving us their “A” game! lol

  5. Altrissa says:

    Does it connect to Avenue Blvd.?

  6. In Toronto there’s an Avenue Road.

  7. opcws says:

    That’s nothing. In Leicester, England, there’s a street called Avenue Road, and a few years back they wanted to extend it… so they called the new part Avenue Road Extension.

  8. raweber says:

    What’s up with that traffic signal? What’s the yellow doing on top?

  9. MartinB says:

    What I find funny(sad?) is the yellow signal head on TOP. In what jurisdiction could this be in? I hope, not the US!

  10. IndieSinger says:

    Oh I know this road, it’s just next to Lane Lane.

    Also, the traffic lights appear to go amber – red – green! I think it’s just the lighting, though.

  11. Beldar the Phantom Replier says:

    Street Rod [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Street_Rod] was the best!

    Wait, why is there a sign for a video game on a streetlamp?

  12. Sparrow says:

    By way of the Interstate Parkway.

  13. scotts13 says:

    Very well-known, major road leading into Philadelphia. Since I’ve lived here all my life, it never occurred to me the name was odd. Wonder where it DID come from? It was there way before mayor Street was elected.

  14. Dude says:

    I would have in my epic lazyness just abreviated it to St.Rd.But then the most sarcastic of you’d refer to it as Saint Ricedick.

  15. Dan says:

    In the town of Townsville I presume

  16. Me says:

    Sure its bad that its named ‘Street’ BUT the yellow light is on top and the red in the middle. FAIL

  17. humor me says:

    There’s a “That Road” in Bloomington, IN. I tried to get a pic off Google maps, but the quality is too poor. You can still look it up though. Can you imagine living there?

    “Where do you live?”

    “That Road.”

    “What road?”

    “THAT Road!”

    “If you don’t want to tell me, just say so!”

  18. Pirate77 says:

    Delightfully and ambiguously redundant.

  19. Barre says:

    There are two roads in Lake Jackson, Texas called This Way and That Way, respectively. I wonder when they’re going to name a road The Other Way…

  20. kno1 says:

    Not only is it redundant but it is repetitive

  21. Trivea says:

    @humor me: Third base.

  22. I recently drove by Boulevard Road. Ha!

  23. Sparrow says:

    There’s a Noah Way near where I live.

  24. Dugger! says:

    I used to live off of that street in Trevose. The oddness of it never occurred to me until I moved to another state and my then girlfriend pointed it out.

  25. Fanboy Wife says:

    “When do I turn?”
    “Onto Street?”
    “What street?”
    “I don’t know.”
    “Third base!”

  26. the cat says:

    I’ve seen an A Street before. Also bonus stoplight fail!

  27. AV44 says:

    I used to live in a place called The Street.

  28. Shay says:

    The light is red, but whoever took the picture has auto red-eye correct either on their camera or on their photo software. I live near Street Road and I assure you our lights are red on top, lol.

  29. Amy says:

    I live near Street Road and have driven it many, many times. I assure you, there is no traffic light that has yellow on top. It’s likely the angle the picture was taken that’s causing the light to look yellow.

  30. Mina says:

    I have to enter applications on a computer, and when people don’t fill in previous residences, I always just put 123 Street Rd. This makes me feel like I’m not COMPLETELY full of fail.

  31. Anthem says:

    It doesn’t actually go into Philadelphia, but runs parallel to it through its northeastern suburbs for a good ten, fifteen miles! I never though the name was weird.

  32. Jonnie Law says:

    As stated earlier, this is in southeastern Pennsylvania and is also known as route 926. Not too far away is a steep road called “Helluva Hill.”

  33. William Wade says:

    What’s the big deal? There are “Street Road”s in a lot of place. There’s one not far from where I live.

  34. FosDoNuT says:

    There is an intersection where I live of S West St and SW St

  35. buxboy says:

    i’m from Levittown, PA and i often have to travel on Street Road in Bucks county outside Philly. The Street never actually is in the City of Philadelphia. It runs the west side of Bucks County. When you live there, like I have, it doesn’t occur to you that the name of the street is redundant. But the name of the street extends back to the late 1600’s it was the main link between Bensalem, PA and Warminster, PA.
    its also not uncommon to name a road “Street Rd”. There is also one in Chester County, PA

  36. KnowItAll says:

    Historically, “Road” was a designation for a street that had a toll. So, adding “Road” to “Street” wasn’t redundant, just more descriptive. I don’t know where this photo was taken, but in the Philadelphia area, there are plenty of examples of this. Sometimes the name is more specific, like “Newtown Street Road” in Newtown Square and “Susquehanna Street Road” in Abington.

  37. vls128 says:

    when i moved to the philly area i lived on Street Road for a few years. What seemed stranger to me is that almost every township and county in the area has at least one County Line Road or Township Line Road running along the municipality/county borders at some point, so the five county area is littered with so many streets with those names that it’s impossible to tell exactly what street someone is referring to.

  38. Georga says:

    I used to life on East Street Road in Warminster PA. When we gave our address people thought we were joking around and would always ask “Are you serious?”

  39. Marc says:

    That’s a normal traffic light, it’s just a trick of the lighting that makes the top light appear yellow.

    I’ve been to Street Road near Philly, but I now live in Richmond where we have “Boulevard”. That’s it. It’s a one-word road, kind of like one-word celebrities such as “Madonna” or “Ludacris”. I think that may be even lazier.

  40. Barc777 says:

    Atlanta has a thoroughfare called Boulevard. Not So-&-So Boulevard, or Thus-&-Such Boulevard. Just Boulevard. I lived on Boulevard, SE.

    Aha! Just read Marc’s! I thought Atlanta was the only one so clueless.

  41. L says:

    Wrong. Epic laziness would be if the sign said “St Rd”. Having a street named ‘road’ is just lazy 😛

  42. L says:

    Or road named ‘street’. I don’t know.

    LOL, great image!

  43. Girl you will never know says:

    I lmao’d at their epic epic laziness. I have the flu so choking with laughter while having trouble breathing didn’t help much.

  44. Heather says:

    My cousin lives off of that road.
    No seriously. It’s near philly. She’s in Feasterville.

  45. Clever Name Here says:

    Oh! That must be where the Department of Redundancy Department is located!
    I always wondered…

  46. REPAIR says:

    That road is in Bucks County, just north of Philly.
    I have cousins that live on Street Road.

  47. I cross “Boulevard Street” every day on my way to work.

    Also, automated address ‘repair’ in GIS systems is the cause of much pain. For instance, we have “E.F. Griffin Road”, presumably named after one E. F. Griffin. However, one system keeps ‘correcting’ this to “F GRIFFIN RD E”. Similarly, in Tampa, you’re lucky if your mapping system knows it’s “Westshore Boulevard” (note that “Westshore” is one word, even); I usually have to search for “SHORE BLVD W”.

  48. Dachampster says:

    I always wondered about this street…
    I live near there

  49. Mel says:

    There’s a LANE STREET in MASS.

  50. Heather says:

    i’ve always wanted to name a road this, amongst others, of course i would have street road and road street intersect

  51. Duke says:

    There’s a Lane Avenue in Jacksonville, Florida, which even has an off-ramp on I-10.

    I used to work in an office on Street Road (Rte 132) in Trevose. I also loved driving on Street Road (Rte 926). It was a nice, hilly country road, until developers started planting McMansions in the cow pastures and cornfields.

    Ah, memories.

  52. igj says:

    I always really liked the highway exit sign near Hayward, CA for ‘A Street Downtown.’ More specifically vague than oddly specific, but still…

  53. Steve Bottorf says:

    Having grown up in Montgomery County, PA, I used to see Street Road all the time. I moved out to San Francisco 20 years ago to find the most unoriginal name of Ocean Beach.

  54. Joe says:

    As many have said, there are many Street Roads in and around Philly’s Suburbs

  55. alyssa says:

    Can I change the subject?Thanks.Well,up to this pic,I belive every one of these things.Falling Cows,Pole,all of it.Want to know why?I am 7.Plus,I could read.

  56. Vio says:

    If it’s the one in PA, it’s named after General Street, a revolutionary war era general.

  57. Deven says:

    Whats worse that the streets name is Street Rd or that a color blind person instaled the traffic light

  58. Brendan says:

    Yeah Street Road! That runs through the philly burbs in Bucks County! My home, Doylestown… ah, I miss it. Great place.

  59. Zayna says:

    there’s an Avenue Road that runs right through downtown Toronto, Ontario.

  60. M says:

    I work on Street Rd in Pennsylvania. I hate when I have to give our address out to people who are not from the area, because they’re like, “Is it a street or a road”. I then have to explain that it is both. It’s really redundant.

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