No Rice Dicks

No Rice Dicks

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

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36 Responses to No Rice Dicks

  1. Tim P. says:

    Rice vaginas are okay, however.

  2. BeFo says:

    Reminds me when I used to work at a bagel shop and we would bake penis pumpernickle bagels and put them on the counter with a side of cream cheese 😛

  3. Humm. says:

    I guess that’s been a serious problem in there?

  4. dragonmago says:

    But papaya vaginas are ok now, aren’t they?

  5. the cat says:

    Can we still make other body parts?

    Maybe someone just badly mistranslated “chicken and rice”.

  6. Mickey says:

    sounds like a challenge to me…

  7. ceemoy says:

    I’m more worried about ‘terminated’, myself.

  8. Rina says:

    But… mashed potato boobs are still ok right?

  9. AuroraShock says:

    It must be a restaurant owned by RUI. They’ve always got the pages and pages of rules and regulations.

  10. Chef says:

    If they’re still at the high school humor, they need to go back to school.

  11. L says:

    Are you John Connor?

  12. m says:

    sounds like they work at benihana or a similar restaurant, where the chefs make shapes with the rice while cooking it

  13. Zach says:

    god, that is so funny.

  14. Nick says:

    So, which is really worse? The sign, or the fact that someone felt it necessary to make and post it?

    What *else* is the staff up to?!

  15. TheUltamate says:

    The Daleks say “exterminate,” the Cybermen say “delete.”

    The largely forgotten Ricechefs, however, say “terminate.”

  16. G says:

    Suddenly I have this craving for a Rice Dick…

  17. spaghetti says:

    What about Spotted Dick (a British dessert)?

  18. Duke says:

    The more I try to imagine what a “Rice Dick” might be, the more terrified I become.

  19. RJMac says:

    I guess that nut sake is out, then……………….

  20. Cormamin says:

    Isn’t it awesome that the first result for “rice dick” on Yahoo! Search is Condoleezza Rice?

  21. Bert says:

    I sincerely hope that rice dick is served alongside chicken balls. And maybe the appetizer can be noodle vagina.

  22. dogimo says:

    Don’t all sushi chefs run afoul of this one all shift long?

    But then the difference is: then they slice it up into bite-size chunks. Suddenly that’s OK.

  23. Chefinator says:

    How it’s SUPPOSED to be read:

    Under no circumstances shall any chef be named “John Conner”
    Anyone caught with the name “John Conner” will be terminated.

    – T-109, Series CH3F

  24. jinxed says:

    @ Bert, isn’t that last dish a contra’dick’tion to it’s self?

  25. Push'd Wood says:

    Does one use “dirty rice” in this particular cockstruction?

  26. Harry Pang says:

    What about Dick Rolls?

  27. venomlash says:

    Even with SafeSearch off, I get just pictures of this sign and photos of Condoleeza Rice and Dick Cheney. Apparently no chef ever has made a rice dick.

  28. True says:

    lol if you do make them, we will send a terminator back in time to kill you

  29. Mary says:

    the terminators… they are back… RUN FOR YER LIVES D=

  30. Kitsukami says:

    If you make rice dicks, we will TERMINATE YOU! D:<

  31. zomg! says:

    zomg! We were at a holiday dinner for my gf’s work at a hibachi restaurant and THE CHEF MADE A RICE DICK! You can only guess what he did with the squeeze bottle of white sauce! My gf was the manager at a coffee shop and OMG WAS SHE EMBARASSED!

  32. jacob says:


  33. nitalynn says:

    Ok I will get to the bottom of this but it puts me in mind of a story my hubby tells about a sign in a hotel somewhere in the far east that assures the customers that the maids are there for their service to please use them! HaHa

  34. AdelioNightstorm says:

    Dick rolls, then?

  35. HelenaTroy says:

    terminated? as in Ex-terminated???

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