But They’re Soooooo Cute

Submitted by: USAFxRaptor via Oddly Specific

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14 Responses to But They’re Soooooo Cute

  1. humor me says:

    Why not? I have 9 more…

  2. AV44 says:

    Is it wrong that I read that as “Please don’t finger the animals”? Yeah, it is.

  3. xD Blog! says:

    Yeah, it is… This could be “Please don’t finger the animals” or possibly “Fingers, please don’t feed the animals”, too, if it’s for someones who can’t control his fingers… That’s bad in two ways!

  4. Dante187 says:

    Thank goodness I have toes to feed them.

  5. Devil Dan says:

    Wrong and creepy. Good show.

  6. Shep333 says:

    You may want to talk to all the unfortunate people who violated this rule before you put this sign up. I’m sure only one or two of them were literally trying to feed thier fingers to the animals, the others prolly just wanted to poke the animal in the eyes. Again this is all speculation on my part, but I’m always right, sooooo…

  7. killerofthesky says:

    @ AV44, you are not alone. I read it that way too…

  8. humor me says:

    Soft on the outside. Crunchy on the inside! Protein and calcium… I’m not seeing a problem here.

  9. J says:

    I’ve seen that sign in real life. It was at a petting zoo at the state fair.

    Each animal pen had a couple of small shovels like a child would use in a sand box. The zoo’s owner would sell you alfalfa pellet, you put them in the shovel and fed the animals. Anybody who fed from their hands risked getting bitten.

    Most of the people doing the feeding were under 10 years old, many were under 5. The sign is an attention-grabbing way to get those kids and the parents of the youngest ones to stay safe.

  10. Ambious says:

    Really? it looks photoshopped.

  11. Alletta says:

    I need that sign on my rat cage. You won’t believe how many people feed their fingers to the rats. “Don’t poke your fingers through the bars, they might think it’s something edible”.. ‘no really they won’t”…poke poke poke… ‘OUCH he bit me!”


  12. PBunny says:

    I saw the same sign at a local agricultural fair in Topsfield, Massachusetts, and it makes me laugh every time I go.

  13. Sira says:

    For some reason, I get Jack Sparrow’s voice going, “Whose fingers? Your fingers? Utterly deceptive coddlespeak says I.”

    [“Whose boons”]

  14. HelenaTroy says:

    they don’t ban feeding thumbs, though

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