Applicant Cannot Look Anything Like “Skeletor” From “He-Man”

Cannot Look Anything Like "Skeletor" From "He-Man"

That means you, Pelosi.
Totally Looks Like - Nancy Pelosi looks like Skeletor
(Courtesy of Totally Looks Like)

Submitted by: Gas Station via Oddly Specific

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23 Responses to Applicant Cannot Look Anything Like “Skeletor” From “He-Man”

  1. risu says:

    Apparently it has happened before.

  2. BreadFan says:

    GOD DAMN IT! Well fine, I didn’t want your cashiers job anyway.

  3. InfiniteMonkey says:

    What about Darth Vader? Can I look like Darth Vader?

  4. Akuji-D says:

    Well of course he can’t, they’ve already got one :3

  5. humor me says:

    I look like Mumm-Ra from ThunderCats! I can totally have this job then!

  6. ceemoy says:

    What we’re not told is that the shop sells he-man merchandise.

  7. Sparrow says:

    What about She-Ra? Is it okay to look like that?

  8. KC says:

    well, I guess that lets Jerry Jones out as well.

  9. AWWW... says:

    Did anyone else notice that is says “THE G” in the corner?

  10. taitano says:

    Okay, but what if I AM Skeletor? I mean, the sign says “cannot look like Skeletor”, but I don’t “look like” Skeletor; I AM Skeletor. . . Can I have the job now? Please? I’ll be your friend. =)

  11. Steve says:

    So there’s a Skeletor out there who is *not* associated with He-Man?

  12. PsychoDoughBoy says:

    OOOooohhhh Meth, OOOoohhh Meth

    I don’t eat, I don’t sleep
    But I got the cleanest house on the street

    Oohh Meth, Oohh meth

  13. Shep333 says:

    Victoria’s Secret sure is picky in its hiring process.

  14. dogimo says:

    This is some kind of ageism.

  15. Greyve says:

    They…Forgot to close one of the quotations.. *twitch*

  16. Buffy says:

    So that leaves Maria Shriver out too, then…

  17. JediJones says:

    Why’d he have to specify “from He-Man?” Is there another Skeletor walking around out there that I don’t know about?

  18. mek_a_nose says:

    A friend sent me the link to this. I am a Masters of the Universe geek. I would mess with the manager and put Keldor as my name on the application. For those of you who don’t know, Keldor is Skeletors real name, before his face was melted off by Captain Randor.

  19. mek_a_nose says:

    Also not that Skeletor is so powerful he only needs one quote mark, not two like He-Man

  20. Suckah MC says:

    A buddy of mine has an ex-girlfriend who looks like that. It probably means her.

  21. LocaLoba says:

    No anorexics then?

  22. J. Skylark says:

    If I dress up as Mumm-Ra could I get the job then?

  23. lukeass says:

    Since He-man was taken off the air, Skeletors attempts to find a new job proved somewhat fruitless.

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