That Is One Mean Monkey

That Is One Mean Monkey

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

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26 Responses to That Is One Mean Monkey

  1. overrandom says:

    One-fore-armed monkeys have only one-fore-arm.

  2. Heide says:

    The monkey seems to be saying:

    I will take the ice cream out of your cone, and throw it on your ugly lightning striped shoes and laugh at your tears!

    That is one mean monkey. After all, he likes his lighting shoes.

  3. CrazyNewt says:

    I like how the monkey seems to be laughing at that little boy while he steals the ice cream. It reminds me of my sunday school teacher.

  4. Seibee says:

    Is the monkey thinking ‘Ow, bugger, that’s cold’? Cause I would if I held an ice-cream like that.

  5. Adam says:

    @the way the monkey is holding the cone: You’re doing it wrong.

  6. the cat says:

    The kid looks like he’s just handing it over (in a manner that it’d fall out if the monkey didn’t grab it anyway). Dammit kid, it’s a monkey! Kick its ass!

  7. L. says:

    That monkey must have said some pretty threatening things.

  8. RJMac says:

    stoopid monkey………

  9. Bananake says:

    I saw this exact situation happen in Gibraltar. Except that it was a pistachio ice cream, not strawberry like in the picture.

    I was even more impressed that the monkey knew exactly how to eat the ice cream cone that he’d just stolen.

  10. humor me says:

    Oh, come on… *nobody* else wanted to make a comment about “spanking that monkey” and making it stop???

  11. Shep333 says:

    Bright shoes, blue pants, loud wailing, brown hair, and the tears of the young also make the monkeys ultra-agressive and sexually aroused. Safe to say little Billy doesn’t stand a chance in the mean streets of MonkeyTown.

  12. Helen says:

    Hey, this is a sign from my country, Malaysia! But it makes a lot of sense because if we keep on feeding human food or junk food to them when they see someone they will attack that person. It’s a common problem we are having here 😦

  13. scarecrowe says:

    You could say the same thing about niggers and welfare….they get food stamps and housing, and now all they ever say is “gibs me dis and gibs me dat”

  14. dogimo says:

    “niggers”?!! Don’t say “niggers” dude! This is a fun website what kind of a suspect area are you trying to turn it into, coming in here saying “niggers”? “niggers” is like the #1 worst word on all websites! It’s not the kind of word for you to come in here with it all: “niggers.” Nonchalant, like it ain’t no thing. In fact, how’d the comment even get through! He said “niggers”!

    I apologize, I’m not criticizing the site mods, but he said “niggers.” It could be the site mods have a hard-core stance toward permissiveness. That’s admirable if so – the blame falls square on the guy who said it, not necessarily on the site mods if they have that sort of hard-core permissive stance. But you have to watch those stances – some a-hole always wants to come in pushing envelopes!

    Normally I’m the last to come in all politically correct, but “niggers” is beyond the pale. That’s some kind of messed-up.

  15. PaigeO says:

    Hey everybody- it’s Furious George!

  16. fkldfgn says:

    Is that Obama?

  17. CorrectionFreak says:

    Actually this sign is just specific enough. Most people won’t obey a sign unless the reason is explained to them, along with how it will affect them personally. Much better than “Do not feed the monkeys”.

    Aside from that, this is an awesome website. (As good as ICHC or failblog).

  18. Troll123 says:

    I think the monkey is saying.. “don’t cry.. here take an ice cream”

  19. Wrta says:

    Thats from my country! Haha well never seeing it but the language!! (Indonesia)

  20. clvrmnky says:

    Places where monkeys are pest animals, this is no joke. If squirrels were incredibly strong, attack in groups, and where highly intelligent and reacted violently with any sudden moves or direct eye contact this would give you an idea of how relevant this sign is.

  21. waldo says:

    That god damn monkey made Waldo hide. I’ve been looking for him for years.

  22. Ditz says:

    Haha! Malaysia fail!
    Indonesia +1 point. That means the score is (from cheezburger sites)

    Indonesia Malaysia
    3 2

  23. Halfway says:

    “Great, awesome! Good to know! Honey, finish covering the kids in potato chips and let’s go. Let’s… give them some ‘quality time’ to think about cleaning their rooms.”

  24. Jenna Chou says:

    The true irony here is, they post these signs all over the monkey forest, but have at least 5 vendors set up to sell you banana’s to give the monkeys… which also makes them hostile.. I have photo proof of that 😛

    Even stick man feels sorry for my husbands balls.

  25. Reomgton says:

    That isn’t a fail, Ditz.

  26. Nikki says:

    I feel like the translation on the sign doesn’t truly show its oddity. The first line means “the monkeys are not satisfied with the food given”. This isn’t just a mean monkey stealing food; It’s one that doesn’t appreciate the food given either!

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