Cocking Fuckborough

Cocking Fuckborough

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

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40 Responses to Cocking Fuckborough

  1. QD says:

    Wow. No need to pre-emptively call me a cocking fuckborough just because I think “40” is a silly name for a town!

  2. Me says:

    Faker than a models tits.

  3. DC says:

    Sorry, folks, but this is a well known Photoshop fake. It doesn’t exist.

  4. Linfosoma says:

    Too late for me!

  5. james says:

    this is real

  6. clux64 says:

    Bought it hook, line and sinker. Pretty funny anyway…

  7. GA says:

    Great, now my wife wants to go on vacation. Without me.

  8. GA says:

    Great, now my wife wants to go on a vacation. without me

  9. Junkyard says:

    Oh dear. Didn’t anyone have the slightest inkling this might be a teensy bit shopped?

  10. severn says:

    There are certainly villages in England called Cocking (search but this is a fake. You can also laugh at Penistone if you like…

  11. sunny says:

    this one is a fake but there a is a village called crackpot in the north of the uk

  12. tahrey says:

    Heck, I work near Bell End, and a friend lives near Brown Knob…. there’s plenty of them if you scan over the map index 😀

  13. grael says:

    So fake it isn’t even slightly funny.

  14. Anne says:

    Too late!

  15. Revolver says:

    I live just around the corner from a place in the UK called ‘Fingeringhoe’


  16. zzzzzzzzz says:

    That famous groundhog lives in Gobbler’s Knob, PA!
    Not too far north from Brushy Gap… 8-D

  17. jawdan says:


  18. vfgvcd says:

    first comment is fucking hilarious

    • Katie says:

      Have to agree, first comment is fucking funny. please people, at least acknowledge funny.

  19. Bob Todd says:

    This is fake; it was made by a B3tan.

  20. hola. me here says:

    Might not be, there’s a village in England called Cockermouth

  21. Volldegine says:

    too late.

  22. Øyvind says:

    Sorry to disappoint you, but this is a hoax. An image search finds lots of the exact same picture, but no other photos. There’s a place called “Cocking” in UK, though.

  23. Lyka-Ann says:

    theres a place near where my brother used to work called ”Cockpole Green” lol

  24. Samilyn says:

    Aw, I’m a little disappointed that it’s fake. I was fooled…doesn’t really look fake but a Google search proved otherwise.

  25. lythandrel says:

    definitely disappointed that this is a fake, however, there is a place called cockington in devonshire, along with numerous other hilarious names to where the photoshops really aren’t necessary.

  26. Brown_Hues says:

    Don’t care about it being fake. Still funny.

    • Thalia says:

      Yes! I don’t care if any of these are fake, and the people who say they are are ruining it.

  27. tablo says:

    There is a town called Fucking though.

  28. ther1 says:

    This is a riff on all the British towns and villages that have weird old names, as the comments before me attest to. Still funny on its own.

    Can’t believe no one has mentioned Bognor Regis here.

  29. john h says:

    this has been on the news, its a real town. -,_Austria

  30. Bridget Jones says:

    Who’d laugh at the town name? It’s the 40 that’s funny.

  31. emmiiedude says:

    first comment is actually funnier than the picture 😀

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