I Was Going To Drive Through But The Sign…

I Was Going To Drive Through But The Sign...

road closed by lava flow

Submitted by: dr.mom via Oddly Specific

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17 Responses to I Was Going To Drive Through But The Sign…



  2. Khorne says:

    FIRST AGAIN (I am the same person above, i changed my name because i realized the previous one was dumb)

  3. Vlet says:

    I’ve been to that sign! I think everyone who’s been there has thought the same thing… and most have taken a cheesy picture… after all, what are tourists there for otherwise?

  4. the cat says:

    But not only did you fail to realize the previous *post* was dumb, you repeated it, making the second incorrect *and* dumb! Good job.

  5. Khorne says:

    Yay for dumbness 😀

  6. Dragoon says:

    I think the moral of this sign is that the dude who put the sign there should be paid more for whatever his job is.

  7. Someone says:

    Road? What road?

  8. RJMac says:

    The caption for this picture should be “no s***”.

  9. TheCannyScot says:

    But, but, my GPS says I have to go straight on here!

  10. Brandon says:

    Ha! I’ve been to that sign. They put up the road closed sign before the lava flow (obviously) because they were evacuating the areas where the lava was headed.

    You can hike across the lava flow, and it’s really cool looking at all the formation and lumps. I’m sure a lot of them are building foundations or cars that got abandoned.

  11. Rina says:

    Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need no roads…

  12. Hannah says:

    Yes, and if you turn around, the little person living in your GPS device will get pissed and start screaming at you!

  13. Van says:

    That’s more fail, less oddly specific…

  14. okay says:

    that was really sad (rock/mud slide)

  15. me says:

    how the hell did the wood pole survive lava? wouldn’t it just burn?

  16. LaserLiza says:

    And just to make ourselves clear, we also covered the road in GIANT ROCKS!

  17. HelenaTroy says:

    Would people really try to drive on if the sign wasn’t there???

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