This Week’s Installment Of Stickmen In Peril

Oh no. It looks like spending several days in close quarters with his extended family has driven Sticky to drinking again. For a while, alcohol turns Stickman into a lover.
Stickmen In Peril
Eventually, between the beer and the salt water, Sticky has to go. But Alcohol makes toilets into a strange and devious creature. Let’s give him a moment to figure it out.
Stickman Learns To Use The Toilet
Unable to alleviate his bladder, Sticky becomes belligerent. Finding an outlet for his frustration and rage wherever he can. He’ll show that toilet who’s boss.
Caution: Javelin Throwing Area.  Heads Up Or Heads Off
Not to worry. This must happen a lot because the rest of the Stickman family has a plan. He’s strapped in nice and tight. Now to just mop up the puddle, wipe away Sticky’s tears and wait for sobriety.
Stickman goes insane
Post By: Lady Of Odd

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25 Responses to This Week’s Installment Of Stickmen In Peril

  1. jay says:

    If anyone was wondering, the last one is a sign for a stair evacuation chair, a device for moving people in a wheelchair or otherwise unable to descend stairs safely.

  2. the cat says:

    What, no puking or standing to urinate in this toilet?

  3. Cat says:

    I’m more concerned that you aren’t allowed to fish in that toilet.

  4. Mask says:

    why is he pissing like a dog? WHO DOES THAT??!?

  5. Neurotarkus says:

    the sticky episodes are simply epic. At least he won’t be hungry, eating the fish he caught in the toilet.

  6. Awesome Sauce says:

    I can’t believe that is against the rules to trawl for the elusive brown floater.

  7. MWS says:

    Also no fishing

  8. Khorne says:

    Hmm… courious love…

  9. David says:

    Alcohol did to stickman what fishstick jokes did to Kanye West.

  10. Sparrow says:

    Gotta watch out for those kissing gouramis.

  11. Someone says:

    After kissing a fish, doing a bunch of weird things in the toilet, and threatening to behead people if they don’t move, stickman finally got strapped in and transported to a mental institution.

  12. Trel says:

    The blue one is for Hannibal Lecter parking.

  13. Seibee says:

    Maybe he’s fishing for his mobile phone…

  14. kreepy says:

    yeah, alcohol has been the main factor in many kissed fish

  15. ChrisM says:

    The second one gets used in a few places here in Astana (Kazakhstan). Sadly the “no squatting on the toilet seat” is needed, as people from rural areas might not encounter western style-toilets that often.

  16. Jimmy says:

    A brown floater from the toilet is worth 10 achievement points on WoW.

  17. Kara says:

    That last one has something to do with Dr. Who – y?

  18. Rob says:

    To the third pic:

    “worst. rescue. ever.”

  19. uhhhh says:

    actually it’s quite clever. the man is “sleeping with the fishes” because he is drunk on the water…

  20. L says:

    I remember the damn day they put the sign there. Me and my buds were going to have a fishing contest in that toilet. We had to walk 100Km to the next fishable toilet.

  21. Amanda says:

    I agree with Kara, is the last one meant to have something to do with Dr. Who? And if not, what the heck is that sign for?

  22. DDog says:

    The last image is an actual device, as Jay said in the first comment: The image has no context, but it’s probably a sign indicating the location of an evacuation chair or indicating its availability or something like that, and therefore perfectly normal.

    So no, it’s not intended to be a Doctor Who reference, but the phrase “Worst. Rescue. Ever.” does come to mind.

  23. Halfway says:

    It’s like “Splash”, but with none of the class.

  24. Semper_Nihil says:

    No fishing in the toilet? WHAT KINDA PLACE IS THIS?

  25. HelenaTroy says:

    Someone’s been watching too much Doctor Who …

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