Startled Door

Startled Door

Submitted by: brakos82 via Oddly Specific

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You Know What You Did

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59 Responses to Startled Door

  1. Sam says:

    I startled it!

  2. Chatmort says:

    Maybe someone wanted to rape her?

  3. kvweber says:

    I would have been even snarkier and extreme-left aligned the hand written sign too.

  4. Sparrow says:

    There’s a Neil Gaimen joke in here somewhere (all right, I’m rereading “Neverwhere”) but I’m just not coming up with it…

  5. Sappho says:

    there there, door. there there. (just think of Queen and Country.)


    I’m willing to know why the poor door is so alarmed…

  7. Thatun says:

    Ugh, I saw one of these doors, had the same(ish) idea, but no paper or pens in sight >.<

  8. the cat says:

    Man, I used to ask myself that very same question every time I passed such a sign.

  9. Lynz Catastrophe says:

    EPIC WIN!!!

  10. luvcanal says:

    ellis has startled the door.

  11. Xydexx says:

    It’s just upset it didn’t win the door prize.

  12. Steve says:

    True story. I once accidentally set of the burglar alarm at an office building I was working at. I called the alarm monitoring service. They said. “We will send an alarmist over to turn it off.”

  13. Canadian says:

    Guys… what it actually means is that there’s an alarm connected to the door. If you open it, an alarm will go off making loud noises.

  14. chuckles says:

    I saw this joke at Universal Studios in Florida over holiday. It was in the Muppet section – “This door is alarmed, and genuinely concerned!”

  15. jackhole says:

    i bet METH is behind this closed door..

  16. Miranda says:

    I am pretty sure that is apparent to everyone. Way to go Mr. Obvious.

  17. Mich says:

    My family used to have a car when I was a kid that that said “the door is ajar”, in this annoying female computer voice, whenever the door was open. We used to repond to it: “no, it’s not a jar, it’s a door!”

  18. Bob says:

    It came unhinged.

  19. american says:

    canadian fail

  20. tweezer says:

    I am not at all surprised that Canadian made that comment. It’s the funniest one.

  21. Rin says:

    /!\ You have startled the door!

  22. This made my day! I see funny signs all the time, I should start taking pictures of them.

  23. C says:

    Should I also be alarmed? What does the door know that I don’t?

  24. Eddie Pepper says:

    Pretty funny. But this is actually an old joke from a Benny Hill sketch. Nice to see someone still remembers it though.

  25. kimko says:

    Every time I see this sign on doors (very frequently, where I live) I think of it being surprised, scared, etc. Such a silly phrase!

  26. Carlos Spicyweiner says:

    The asians at my lab put a sign on the door that said “Keep Door Close”. So I wrote under it “And your enemies even closer”. The department head was not amused.

  27. Medisoft says:

    What’s funnier is someone took the time to write the other sign.

  28. Alfonz says:

    It is not alarmed. It’s pleasantly surprised.

  29. wikiBuddha says:

    Maybe I should move to Canada.
    ~Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

  30. I do not know why, but i think that the capitalized “I” on Is is odd. Or is it just me?

  31. ignatz20 says:

    It got knocked up.

  32. k says:

    who’s benny hill? and how does he know this door is alarmed?

  33. 213nutman says:

    Sorry to go off subject here (I like the sign – it should be engraved on the door), but….Benny Hill for California Governor 2010, maybe Congress, what about President??

  34. Anonymous says:


  35. Aeros says:


  36. Stumbler says:

    Stumbled from Connecticut
    -Love it

  37. EWOKDUNG says:

    It did’nt get it’s daily ” knob job “.

  38. uponthestumble says:


  39. Duh... says:

    Hey Canadian, thanks for making us look like a bunch of igloo dwelling retards. I apologize on his behalf folks, he must be a Newfie.

  40. Poezestrepe says:

    One of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation’s latest releases, I suspect.

  41. PommieGirl says:

    Original….thats an old Benny Hill joke. =/

  42. verizon says:

    610. The correct answer was By what? subtler, ergo funnier.

  43. j man says:

    gayer than u guys.

  44. Alex says:

    Passer-by startled it.

  45. unknown kadanth says:

    someone must have told it that there are people who take Sarah Palin seriously.

  46. WD says:

    Swift to chide and slow to bless — can someone suggest a re-wording that conveys the same message as clearly in as few words? After all, people won’t read signs with lots of small type on them, even for their own good (see cigarette labels).

  47. rawwwrr says:

    every time I see this sign i get sad because all the doors here just say “EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY: Alarm Will Sound” and this joke will never work for them 😦

  48. shylarah says:

    I’m with rawwwrr on that one. But yeah, snarky replies to stuff like this is always fun, even if it is a joke someone else made first.

  49. Beer Drinker says:

    Probably all of those people hitting on it all day and all night.

  50. pepe says:

    the fashion to make verbs of nouns is really getting out of hand and deserves retaliatory comments like the one shown in the pic

  51. LaserLiza says:

    What startled it? Answer: Chuck Norris!

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