Sounds Like Fun!

Sounds Like Fun!

Submitted by: internet via Oddly Specific

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43 Responses to Sounds Like Fun!

  1. Dave says:

    This is from the “Father Ted” tv series.

  2. Pat says:

    This is from the TV show Father Ted…

  3. Mark says:

    I smell a fail. This is from an episode of Father Ted ¬_¬

  4. Bleh says:

    Yeah because caves are usually very bright.

  5. Hmm says:

    Is this not from Father Ted?

  6. Derry Quinn says:

    Yeah it’s from a TV show called Father Ted, it’s not a real sign.

  7. oddly funny says:

    sooo.. partially sighted ? Awesome 😀

  8. Dave says:

    From a show called Father Ted, if I remember correctly.

  9. mark says:

    YAY! im going to the quiet sound studio later, its almost like being deaf!

  10. Jodie says:

    Father Ted references ftw 😀 Kudos for this, this was such an awesome episode!

  11. The One Guy says:

    Why is this cave in particular boasting this? ALL caves are very dark and you’d be blind witout a light in ANY cave.

  12. DrPluton says:

    On the next episode of sensory deprivation theatre, we place a man in a movie theatre and disconnect the soundtrack.

  13. Bhazor says:

    This is from Father Ted.

    So yay Father Ted!

  14. thefirstdude02 says:

    What the heck? I had no idea Father Ted was that well-known. Certainly, the only people I know who’ve heard of it either introduced me to it or were introduced to it by me. Anyway, yeah, I recognized it, but gave it a thumbs up anyway, because it is a pretty awesome sign.

  15. RJMac says:

    I don’t care who you are, that’s still funny!

  16. Legally Blinde says:

    I love that it’s a direct quote. Shakespeare? Thoreau? Ray Charles?

  17. Jennypen says:

    lol @ The One Guy who can’t read the rest of the comments 😛

    …I don’t beeleeeeeeeeve it!

  18. The One Guy says:

    @Jennypen: The other comments weren’t showing at the time I wrote mine.

  19. Coco says:

    I know everyone else has noticed but FAIL – this is from Series 3 of Father Ted, ‘The Mainland’. BTW this image is promoting your site on…the irony.

  20. David says:

    Outrageous making fun of blind people like this.
    Down With This Kind Of Thing.

  21. bob says:

    This isn’t a fail. It’s from Father Ted.

  22. Mish says:

    Careful now.

  23. pete says:

    I don’t believe it

  24. Darragh says:

    second time Failblog has failed to watch Father Ted, That’s the biggest Fail of all

  25. Baz says:

    And a Grue is likely to

  26. Baz says:

    And a Grue is likely to eat you

  27. Max says:

    This SORT of thing, David.

  28. “What the heck? I had no idea Father Ted was that well-known. Certainly, the only people I know who’ve heard of it either introduced me to it or were introduced to it by me.”

    It was one of the most popular comedies in the UK and Ireland during its run; it was on Channel 4 and the Irish state broadcaster, which are available to everyone in the respective countries who have a television. So that’s about 70 million people probably know of it, anyway…

  29. Lurking Grue says:

    I believe my brethren live inside those caves . . . maybe I should check them out.

  30. Nessie says:

    This is from Father Ted. It’s in the episode where Ted and Dougal get lost in the caves and run into Noel and the youth group.

  31. roadrunner says:


  32. Deboru says:

    *Cough* Father Ted…. *cough*

  33. sheeple says:

    This is the most fucktarded thread I have ever come across on the internets. You’re all made of fail.

  34. Lethe says:

    Careful now.

  35. Shikari says:

    sounds like some unshaved, unattractive people.

  36. Krazikyd says:

    So uh is it from Father Ted? i’m not sure i mean only like 90% of the posts said it was. maybe if a few more people point it out i’ll believe it.

  37. spoogermcspooge says:

    yay irish tv ftw

  38. Alkwerte says:

    In this episode, a young priest sings Bohemian Rapsody : hysterically awesome.

  39. Mrs. Doyle says:

    Ah, go on…

  40. pltttt says:

    at least blind people won’t get offended by this sign (cuz they can’t read it(cuz their blind))

  41. HelenaTroy says:

    hmm, I don’t see any notice about discounts for blind people ….

  42. HelenaTroy says:

    @ sheeple – don’t hold back, dear, let it all out, you’ll feel much better

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