But I Can Hug Them, Right?

But I Can Hug Them, Right?

Sign at the San Diego Zoo in 1982

Submitted by: San Diego Zoo (I took the photo) via Oddly Specific

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45 Responses to But I Can Hug Them, Right?

  1. RiderLeangle says:

    Should we be worried it says nothing about sex? o_O

  2. Humm. says:

    Well, it says molest, so could be considered that it tells not to screw them.

  3. reddenedbeard says:

    Sign is still found there at the San Diego Zoo .. 😉

  4. RJMac says:

    doesn’t say anything specifically about pi$$ing them off…………………..

  5. Sparrow says:

    It doesn’t say you can’t feed them, either….

  6. Nastenka says:

    My sophomore science teacher had this sign hanging in his portable. Several words had been added by students, and ‘animals’ was crossed out and replaced with ‘teachers’.

  7. Ouroboros says:

    Well that’s just a copyright suite from a thesaurus publisher waiting to happen!

  8. Robin says:

    Looks like someone’s trying out their brand new thesaurus.

  9. Zira says:

    Hahaha, I remember these signs. XD

  10. jesi says:

    hey, if i paid for my ticket i think i should be able to tantalize all the animals i want!

  11. dgrf says:

    there was this same sign in a small zoo in Pittsburgh area

  12. Jami says:

    The sad thing is you just know people have tried to do these various things, then sued when they got hurt saying “There was no sign saying we couldn’t!”

  13. Abby says:

    people probably try to think of all the stuff you can do

  14. Bert says:

    I wonder if you can badger a badger. Or if they’ve already been badgerered.

  15. E.J. says:

    Can I besmirch?

  16. SouthlandFreak says:

    Doesn’t say you can’t eat them.

  17. CB says:

    We bought a copy of this sign from the SD Zoo when I was in high school. It’s still hanging on (what used to be) my bedroom door, 20 years later. 🙂

  18. Dave says:

    My brother and I had this exact sign hanging on our bedroom door as kids. I can still recite it from memory.

  19. lol says:

    there are two of these signs on the fence at a nearby farm. i laugh everytime i see it.

  20. Matt says:

    Can I bug them?

  21. Yarrow says:

    my parents visited this zoo in the early 80[‘s and had one of the signs on their bedroom door with ‘parents’ taped over ‘animals’

  22. Regin says:

    Thx Capitan Thesarus, we needed it

  23. ben says:

    They forgot “disturb.”

  24. Jupiter5 says:

    This isn’t a real sign. It’s supposed to be a joke, my eEnglish/ Science teacher has the same sign on her door.

  25. heidrance says:

    They also left off “distress” and “harangue.”

  26. Len says:

    Not only besmirch, but you are also apparantly allowed to befoul the animals, and that’s just wrong.

  27. 0xym0ron says:

    This is how I learned my first words.

  28. Wolfenpilot687 says:


  29. Dave says:

    I love this sign, they started using it in the 70’s. They also sold them in the gift store. I have on hanging in the window of our IT helpdesk. I haven’t seen it at the Zoo since ’99. Too bad, It is a CLASSIC!!

  30. Greekrunner31 says:

    That’s so cool!!! My family has that sign, we bought it at the San Diego Zoo in the early 1990’s. We ahve another one that is very similar, but it starts with all P’s and is directed towards the Pandas.

  31. Piepin says:

    Lol, my science teacher has this sign, but he (painted over? scratched off? I don’t know) the word animals and wrote teacher in sharpie. Best. Teacher. Ever.

  32. Karen says:

    It most certainly was a real sign. I took the picture, at the San Diego Zoo, on my honeymoon in 1982.

    It still cracks me up, and I’m happy to see that so many other people have enjoyed it, too.

  33. James says:

    not to worry, I have no intention of the screwing the animals.

  34. Passerby says:

    Well, it doesn’t say anything about taunting them.

    * taunts the animals *

    “Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time!”

  35. HAHAHAHAH says:

    do not molest the animals ! LOL

  36. blokeice says:

    thank you from the thesaurus state zoo

  37. hi says:

    my algebra teacher has this sign on her door but she crossed out animals and wrote teachers

  38. OneWithRussia says:

    This sign was in my old Earth Science classroom. xD

  39. Emily says:

    HA! my mom has had this sign in our laundry room since I can remember. She got it from san diego in probably 1984 or 5 before we left CA. That’s awesome.

  40. coyotekitty says:

    ANOTHER ONE! Dang, these signmakers are getting thesauruses…

  41. Yomandude says:

    I can still gyrate them.
    These guys at San Diego aren’t thinking outside the box, are they?

  42. liz m. says:

    you may not be able to do anything else to the animals, you can still feed them. hmmmmmmm… i wonder if i can feed my nephews to an alligator…

  43. Dan says:

    They sell fridge magnets with this sign on them so I think they were intended to be funny.

    Odd that I remember this sign very specifically from when I went to the zoo when I was like eight.

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