This Sounds Hazardous

This Sounds Hazardous

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

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38 Responses to This Sounds Hazardous

  1. Fnarf says:

    Um, fake? BEWARE GAY and WALRUS are in a different font. The original sign said NO JUMPING FROM PIER.

  2. Haywood J. says:

    Google that. Total ‘shop job.

  3. Annie Reader says:

    Whar’s my pink bukkit?

  4. og01 says:

    looks photoshopped

  5. MWS says:

    Believe is shooped

  6. zark169 says:

    It’s soooo shopped.

  7. newbe says:

    he wants his bucket back lol

  8. skeptic says:

    Probably the photoshop is from this:
    No Jumping From Pier
    And the only word left is “Jumping”.

  9. Humm. says:

    What is wrong with people, looking for attention by clearly photoshopping these pictures. Before they were authentic.

  10. hol says:

    I recognized the Manhattan Beach pier, since I lived in MB for 38 years. Shop-chopped. No question.

  11. notapuput says:

    well, that sign style anyway, the number gives away the original message, but most definitely not that shot, even with flip(which would of flipped the original Jumping) the shore line is wrong. Maybe further down, or other side of the peir?

  12. A Noun says:

    Shopped or not, it goes strangely well with this…

  13. MWS says:

    Well, it’s certainly not the same sign, since the beach is on the other side of the image.

    Probably a sign on the other side of the same pier.

  14. Angie says:

    If you’d just give him his bukkit back maybe he would stop jumping. 😦

  15. hol says:

    M. B. M. C. 12.08.04E

    Manhattan Beach Municipal Code
    12.08.040 Bathing and swimming.
    No person shall swim, bathe, or immerse himself in the water of the Pacific Ocean opposite any beach regulated by this chapter more than two hundred (200) yards from the shore except:

    E. No person shall jump, dive or throw himself from the pier which extends into the Pacific Ocean at the foot of Manhattan Beach Boulevard unless such action is immediately then and there incident to or required in connection with the actual saving or actual attempt to save any person from drowning, injury or other imminent peril. This section shall not apply to duly authorized lifeguards, police officers or officials of the City in the actual performance of their official duties.

  16. stevey says:

    Hmm, shopped or not the message is unclear.
    Does it warn people of a jumping gay walrus, or of the dangers of jumping over such a walrus?

  17. PedanticMan says:

    Gotta wonder why the people in Manhatten care about the Pacific Ocean? (unless I’ve just shown my ignorance by believing that the only Manhatten is on the east coast of the US which attaches to the Atlantic Ocean)

  18. Mike Brewer says:

    Who cares – it’s funny….

  19. Durr.
    Surely it’s a gimme that walruses (like white men) can’t jump?
    And if the walrus was of a non-heterosexual orientation, the sign would read: “Beware Mincing Gay Walrus”.
    Now THAT would be worth standing on the pier to see.

  20. nanuk says:

    jumping is the only word in a different font style the difference is the font colours

  21. Martijn says:

    Beware, Gay and Walrus are in different and non-official font (Trebuchet MS), while Jumping is the original (FHWA Series). When you fake something, do it good then.

  22. SC says:

    Shopped or not, this induced this funny exchange of quips in queerty:

    “No. 2 · terrwill

    There used to be a sign like that in a bar I used to go to…..

    No. 3 · FakeName

    …and then you quit going so they could take it down?”

  23. L. says:

    “Helllllllllllloooooooo there, THAILOR. Wheres mah bukkit?!”

  24. df says:

    This is photoshopped
    I can tell from some of the pixels and seeing quite a few shops in my time

  25. berkly says:

    Val Kilmer?

  26. StrangeRover says:

    Goo Goo g’joob.

  27. jeddy says:

    It’s already covered but, yeah, it’s shooped. And it’s Manhattan Beach CALIFORNIA. It’s a unique pier. If you live there or in a surrounding beach town, it’s obvious.

  28. randomlycorrupted says:

    Its mating call is Hello there Sailor.

  29. Christy says:

    OK maybe it is shopped, but there are more letters in jumping than in the other words, so possible they had to change the font to make it fit.

  30. Wilken UJ says:

    Ive seen this sign. Its totally real and NOT shopped.

  31. keegan says:

    its a joke who cares if its shoped

  32. I says:

    Shouldn’t it be “gay jumping walrus” because jumping gay walrus isn’t politically correct.

  33. Gustav says:

    Wow… I am the original creator of that ‘shop — several years back. I made a series of gay walrus related images for some dumb thread on 4chan’s /b/.. I can’t believe it was saved and then immortalized here for all time. I’m not sure what is more depressing – my poor photoshopping skills at the time, or that this is probably the sum total of my artistic legacy. ;P

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