Food Budget Cut At The Zoo

Food Budget Cut At The Zoo

Submitted by: Amanda Borsuk’s Facebook via Oddly Specific

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9 Responses to Food Budget Cut At The Zoo

  1. ARGH says:

    Cannot see the pic!

  2. Raindancer says:

    “There are goats in here. The goats eat strollers. You have a stroller. You want to keep this stroller. Therefore, you should leave it with the goats.”
    Am I missing the logic behind this?

  3. the cat says:

    I suppose “in here” and “in this area” are meant to refer to two different places? Or are they just providing a convenient place to dump unwanted strollers?

  4. Help a goat at my stroller says:

    f*cking stroller-eating goats… who goes to see those bastards at the zoo anyway?

  5. marge says:

    In this case does ‘Etc’ mean the children contained within the strollers?

  6. guolin says:

    Epic lol@marge.

  7. Shep333 says:

    The goats clearly made this sign themselves in an attempt to bamboozle more delicious stollers. Goat humor= priceless

  8. NOW I Can See It!! says:

    XD @ marge

  9. Mija says:

    That is one hungry goat.

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