Waffle Eating Nudists Ahead

Waffle Eating Nudists.jpg

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

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47 Responses to Waffle Eating Nudists Ahead

  1. ed in texas says:

    Well, it’s a waffle mandatory beach, right?
    (i hate it when sand gets in the syrup)

  2. misslexluthor says:

    this looks oddly photoshopped….

  3. newbe says:

    oh eating waffles is that phew

  4. LaBelleFiche says:

    I agree with Miss Lex Luthor. I was wondering when people were going to start making fake signs. I think there should be documentation with these. It’s good though

  5. Rawrii says:

    Either really crappy photoshop or just really good “paint” job.

  6. treesus says:

    there;s a difference between a joke sign and one that’s unintentionally funny, this is one of the former clearly and as such I have voted it down – it’s a great sign by itself though

  7. theblackkat says:

    more like photoshop… not even funny… fail for the uploader!

  8. risu says:

    they don’t make beach signs with squiggly lines outlining text like they used to…

  9. Ouroboros says:

    Looks like there’s some pixelation around the letters, so probably photoshopped, but amusing nonetheless.

  10. Anon says:

    It’s a shop!

  11. Faldrian says:

    I like the photoshop copy & paste on the giant nails that hold the sign…

  12. Glen says:

    Where is this again? *starts packin a bag*

  13. Highly Amused says:

    Might be someone’s private beach and a privately owned sign.

  14. hostolis says:


  15. Der says:

    Bad Photoshop job.

  16. Martin says:

    Hmm, shouldn’t this site be part of photoshopdisasters or something?

  17. Laura F says:

    it doesn’t even look like a beach

  18. Anonymous says:

    Oh dear, people wearing waffles.. That’s bad. Good thing they warned us! Luckily they’re naked so we’ll be distracted from the waffles.

  19. the cat says:

    Really bad. Look at the edges, you can see where they pasted white background overtop.

  20. the cat says:

    I should note though that artifacts around the letters like this are usually just a sign of high JPEG compression, from the camera using a low “quality” setting or the image being recompressed at some point.

  21. guygo says:

    Check the alignment of the letters with the edges of the sign:
    The word “BEYOND” aligns correctly. The words “EATING WAFFLES” are angled up to the right. It’s a simple drop-in, covering whatever was actually on the bottom of the sign. Funny, but definitely not real.

  22. BoringTroll says:

    Twenty years ago, the signs leading to the nude section at Sandy Hook said “Beyond this point you may encounter nude sunbathers”. I never saw a waffle on that beach.

  23. It looks like there’s some pixelation around Ouroboros. So he must be fake. I’d like to hear his definition of what “pixelation” is. Like most Photoshop claimers, I doubt that he has a clue what he’s talking about.

  24. factotron says:

    You guys must have tried REALLY hard to get this looking so out of perspective. M.C. Escher would be proud of this!

  25. Timmy Mac says:

    you can tell its photoshopped because of the obvious pixelation of the pixels!!

  26. ben says:

    you can honestly tell this was photo shopped look at the sides of the sign

  27. spazz says:

    did anyone else notice the random spongebob?

  28. TT says:

    Is that Spongebob at the bottom of the sign?

  29. systemfreak says:

    what in the hell is spongebob doing on the sign?

  30. MsJackHarkness says:

    What idiot didn’t realize this was Photoshopped? Fail.

  31. Mmmarrrgie says:

    I guess there aren’t many nude sunbathers among you! I are one, and we love to have signs like this one! One of my friends who has 40 acres & a pond has a similar sign, and also one that says “Dalton Yacht Club.” Where’s your sense of humor?

  32. bleepo says:

    This is a shop!
    I can tell from some of the pixels and seeing quite a few shops in my time

  33. lynz says:

    so it’s photoshopped. whatever.

    lighten up people. go outside or something.

  34. L says:

    Damn those waffle eating people! 😛

  35. mrsrochester says:

    @LauraF its clearly a beach. sand dunes + retaining fence

  36. colBoh says:

    There are so many weird signs out there… Do we really need to be ‘shopping some?

  37. Andy says:

    Photoshopped. This sign is at Sandy Hook in NJ and I can assure you there is no waffle comment on it.

  38. Easily spotted as photomoshopped. Even if you get the perspective right, you have to make sure to align your black levels. Notice how the letters look REALLY black? That’s because they are. And the photo has an elevated black level, i.e. it’s overexposed. Black letters in this photo would be dark grey. Yeah, fail. But mostly because it’s so overexaggerated. Had it been less stupid, they might’ve gotten away with it 🙂 And real or fake, if you believe it, it’s true 😉

  39. Adam says:

    Waffles 😮 Cover your shame!

  40. Laurenhs says:

    i want to punch the bottom right of that sign…. u no y? cos spongebobs on it……..

  41. WhoopDehLoop says:

    OMFG carnivorous waffles! O_O

  42. VickyLee says:

    Leggo my…oh g*d I can’t say it XD.

  43. Shoop da Whoop says:


  44. LaserLiza says:

    …Or you may not. You just never know.

  45. charles says:

    Syrup in your pubes eewww

  46. What's My Name? says:

    Better not be blue waffles…

  47. HelenaTroy says:

    is the waffle-eating the hazard? if nude people were eating ice cream that would be okay?

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