The Limits Of The Spanish Inqusition

The Limits Of The Spanish Inqusition

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

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22 Responses to The Limits Of The Spanish Inqusition

  1. Thiago says:

    I guess it’s in the Tower of London . . . Well, at least there is a very non-accessible torture chamber there . . .

  2. Angie says:

    Wonder if it’s suitable for children?

  3. jhskdfkj says:

    …But feel free to take the kids.

  4. hawklord2112 says:

    isnt this outside the exhibition / tourist trap in Edinburgh? there is no park next to the one in london from what i remember?

  5. nonky says:

    It looks like Edinburgh. I’m guessing the torture chamber is in the Edinburgh Dungeon (same company as the London one).

  6. gruegirl says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen this sign, it is at the tower of london, and it is awesome.

  7. Red Andy says:

    This has been taken at the Edinburgh Festival, where there was an exhibition on “Funny Signs from Around the World” on Princes Street. A good sign but perhaps not in the spirit of this site.

  8. Ouroboros says:

    Foiled again!

  9. yodawg says:

    Cardinal Fang, fetch… THE COMFY WHEELCHAIR!

  10. spacepirate117 says:

    And the torture chamber was suitable for everyone else?

  11. BreadFan says:

    Those discriminating bastards! Surely they could install something that shows Barbra Streisand movies on loop. That’d be wheelshair accessable XD

  12. Shep333 says:

    Clever sign placement once again saves Dr. Xavier from certain doom.

  13. Himjim says:

    I don’t understand why this is here – it’s not from the Tower of London, there were no permanent torture chambers open there and currently open to the public.

    It’s actually a sign from Warwick Castle, that’s been oddly superimposed onto this background. Why? I have no idea.

  14. FlumScum says:

    Of course you can torture people in wheelchairs. That’s obviously photoshopped. Photoshopped!! Shopped and photo-d, I tell you. On a Mac, if I’m not very much mistaken. Look at the pixelation around all the pixels. Look at the fake-looking bird and obviously unbranded carrier bag – who’s ever seen such a thing? Not me that’s for sure.

  15. Passerby says:

    I guess the Spanish Inquisition wasn’t expecting wheelchair users.

    Nobody expects wheelchair users.

  16. Alpha-Beta says:

    Lets see… Sign, check. People laughing at it, check. Giving them a false sense of security before we throw them in, check. Fresh meat, pending.

  17. attsaifa says:

    Mind the gap!

  18. Monty says:

    I liked the sign but I wasn’t expecting the SPANISH INQUASITION!

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