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31 Responses to DO NOT TOUCH

  1. Adam says:

    This is either an extremely epic win or fail.

  2. AliJ5533 says:

    Wow… yeah, as if no-one’s goin to realise the bit of text at the bottom was photoshopped.
    I mean, it was FUNNIER when it had “also the bridge is out” just there at the end.
    This photo is all over the internet, it’s easily recognisable.

  3. Rawrii says:

    If the edges are so sharp, how did they get the sign there without coming out with hands of an emo kid?

  4. kn says:

    Errrr… thankfully there is a sign to warn us about itself…

  5. RiderLeangle says:

    This pic has been online for years. But in the big open space at the bottom it says “Also, the bridge is out ahead”

  6. risu says:

    Ahh yea I can see pixelation at the bottom, something was “painted” over.

  7. ST says:

    this was much better with “also the bridge is out ahead” in tiny font at the bottom.

  8. zark169 says:

    This is an old photoshop phriday picture from I don’t know why I remember that, other than it being utterly hilarious.

  9. general says:

    I never really believe anything on blogs like this.

    So, of course, the info has to be humorous without needing actual reality to back it up; much like a Gary Larson cartoon.

    Assuming it is fake, it is huh-lar-ious to think of a sign like this actually being true, and that is where the humor is for me.

  10. NP says:

    I see someone has already identified this as a photoshop item. As soon as I saw it I was certain it was either a joke or ps. Or both.

  11. Ghterocker says:

    Why post a sign that only says “this sign has sharp edges” i mean, why even post the sing at all?

    • Pirate says:

      Because it used to say “Also the bridge is out ahead.” at the bottom in tiny font. Someone Photoshopped this.

  12. trickster says:

    Yes, that is the joke.

  13. Joe_Shmoe says:

    hmmm… well now that I know there was abit of editing, it makes sense… was thinking why that sign was there in the first place lol, asif it was there for someone to do the oposite… as people always do =]

  14. Eric says:

    Not Photoshop Phriday – this one was in a fairly epic Fark photoshop contest, back when anyone still bothered with those.

  15. 0xym0ron says:




  16. Me says:

    What I hate is when someone attaches a fake story to the photo, then emails it as true and you get 500 copies of it for the next six years.

  17. harry day says:

    is this a state gov. sign or a fed sign. . . what the hell is it for? i see the no people or cars part is not as important as the dont cut your hands on this sign! must be california

  18. napkinbob says:

    This is photoshopped

  19. Halfway says:

    “We could just take it down, but then there’d be nothing to amuse the lifeguards and they’d start all that useless slow motion jogging again.”

  20. Gias says:

    This sign was editted before posted here.
    Their should be another line saying “also the bridge is out ahead”
    check here:

    • Pirate says:

      The original of this sign was funnier. With people going around Photoshopping it, it’s no longer all that funny. I mean, having a sign all about it’s sharp edges and then putting “Also the bridge is out ahead” at the bottom is hilarious! But I can hardly see why someone would submit this to Oddly Specific when the un-Photoshopped version is already on the site. ‘:-|
      (Note: the above emoticon is a raised eyebrow.)

  21. shylarah says:

    I saw the pic with the “also the bridge is out ahead”. Was that one for the contest, then? Either way, the original is still amusing.

  22. Ridvan says:

    The original is actually funnier than this in my opinion. (“also, the bridge is out ahead”) I don’t see why they had to photoshop something like this… Still funny anyway.

  23. that guy that commented on this says:

    this is at least partly photo shopped. Like many others, I have seen the original on the internet and it is supposed to say in smaller font “also the bridge is out ahead”. Why change the original when the original was even funnier?

  24. Anonymous says:

    This doesn’t really count. I mean, it was meant to be a joke in the first place. The funniness of all of these jokes is that they are actual signs, and you kind of take that away when you post a joke sign, although it is funny. Trying to blur out the text on the bottom to make it look more authentic doesn’t help, either.

  25. Pywackett-Barchetta says:

    BTW, this sign can be put in your Rock Den in Lego Rock Band. Just thought I’d mention that.

  26. jrockchick44 says:

    lol its like……Dude Why did you even put the thing up there?

  27. wabbit says:

    Listen. We know it’s photoshopped. Maybe people are just on this sight to laugh? It doesn’t matter – it’s funny.

  28. Darkzero45 says:

    Did anyone notice a UFO shaped object towards the top of the picture?

  29. trigonman3 says:

    It was from, not somethingawful.

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