STOP: Don’t Move.

STOP:  Don't Move.

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

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45 Responses to STOP: Don’t Move.

  1. Chatmort says:

    Is this Hammer time???

  2. risu says:

    So you can’t turn left, turn right, fly, or dig? That’s oddly specific.

  3. Bill Eccles says:

    Photoshopped, but still funny.

  4. kn says:

    Made my day! LOL

  5. Los Tacos says:

    I’d say this is an epic win :p

  6. Luvcanal says:

    the bottom three may be shopped, but the no left turn is real. and the right turn says do not enter, and going straight is out cause there are traffic pylons. i cant back up cause the idiot behind me wont move. gah i cant move!!!!1

    • Joseph Polevoi says:

      The two top signs are real ,the bottom two are Photoshopped and the small pylons are copies of the one close on that crossroad. I know that because I created this. Check my comments further down on this page.

  7. jinxed says:

    Hammer time!

  8. Andy says:

    This was out front of a road sign factory.

  9. jackiesayshuh says:

    lol i don’t know if this is photo shopped or not but i have seen similar stacked sings at intersections here. your like well I’ll just fallow the guy in front of me he knows where to go.

  10. Germ says:

    Pedobear’s on the lose!

  11. John A says:

    You can’t get there from here…

  12. Snarfle says:

    If this is shooped, it’s a good shoop, because even the nails are in different places/sizes holding the signs up.

  13. Marktavian says:

    This is like the current debate on health care reform.

  14. Shep333 says:

    Man, you can’t even go back the way you came? I can’t help but picture David Bowie directing traffic. Damn you Bowie! I WILL make it to that castle!

  15. the cat says:

    Why would there ever be a “no backing up” sign? If you can’t go that way, how’d you get here?

    • Joseph Polevoi says:

      As soon as you passed…roadwork began behind you which will be proceeding forever. You have now reached the end of your journey…prayer could help.

  16. Sintra says:

    Well, at least i can go up. Thats helpful 😛

  17. RandomEyes says:

    DO NOT:
    go this way, this way, this way or this way.
    just. stop.

  18. bobsvil says:

    its photoshopped. look. the bottom 3 signs look darker than the top.

  19. Roxas says:

    I can just see someone late for work or school driving up to this and going. “……..well shit.”

  20. Alanssil says:

    the only thing missing is ”Game Over” sign lol XDDDD

  21. unidyne says:

    If you find yourself at this intersection, whatever it is you’re doing, cut it out.

  22. Dustin Kick says:

    I think we might be able to get out of here if we move diagonally… slowly, now, can’t be too careful.

  23. jgt2598 says:

    I don’t think this is photoshopped, at least not most of it. I believe this actual intersection is somewhere near Ravenna, Ohio. I could be COMPLETELY wrong though.

    • Joseph Polevoi says:

      The actual sign was taken in Orange Village, Ohio a suburb of Cleveland. The bottom two signs were Photoshopped. I know that. I came up with this creation. Check among these comments…I clarify that I’m responsible for this visual nonsense. Strange, you would mention Ravenna, Ohio as the location of the sign. The author of a photo book with a photo of the odd sign appears in that book. The author lives in Ravenna, Ohio.

  24. littleREDelf says:

    ahh . . . but you CAN u-turn.

  25. BBgamer says:

    What about go diagonal.

  26. eriC says:

    Anyone else have that song from 1970s Sesame Street running through their heads?
    “No left turn; no right turn; what do you do?”

  27. Hiding In The Apple Trees says:

    Shep333 you have made my day

  28. Use your eyes says:

    Yes, it is photoshopped, even if the nails are in different places. You can see the glare/reflection of the sky on the first sign, but the bottom three signs do not have any glare whatsoever, no slight angle like the first one, not to mention the blacks are unrealistically black for a picture of this quality.

  29. XicoFelipe says:

    I have a photo like this. It’s two signs: one says “PARE” (stop in portuguese) and the other is a “don’t stop or park” sign.

  30. Andy97 says:

    Wait, It doesn’t say anything about a U-Turn

  31. Vesja says:


    Yeah, so I guess that you can make a U-turn. 😀

  32. Halfway says:

    I’d have to agree w/ the above conclusion that it is, INDEED, Hammertime– For there is no sign banning a funky side to side motion filled with rhythm and glitz, yo.

  33. bushputz says:

    They need signs for:
    No Stopping
    No Parking
    No Pedestrians
    No U-Turns
    No Backing
    Buses Excepted

  34. Ryan says:

    shep333: He’ll get you to the church on time.

  35. Bill says:

    i’d go with the u-turn

  36. willxkemp says:

    Game Over would be pretty funny, but all that’s really missing is a “No Standing” sign…

  37. Pywackett-Barchetta says:

    No vertical ascension? Aww…

  38. jrockchick44 says:

    Its like……… Hmmmmmm which way should i go?

  39. Joseph Polevoi says:

    I thought it was fascinating because I created it. Please credit the photo to me. The photo has been on my Flickr site for awhile. It’s part of a pool of members of the Cleveland Photographic Society in Cleveland, Ohio. Check it out at on page 5 of my photos. A woman in Europe sent an email saying she would get out of her auto…set her phone on the road …look up and say,”Beam me up, Scotty!”
    Certainly the bottom 2 signs are Photoshopped. The original photo was taken in Orange Village, Ohio (suburb of Cleveland)

  40. Kryo says:

    Drive in circles?

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