I’m intrigued

Submitted by: London, England. via Oddly Specific

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42 Responses to I’m intrigued

  1. jhskdfkj says:

    My first thought was the tree in Charlie Brown that eats kites.

  2. bAT L says:

    This must be what the Berenstein Bears use instead of a “No Trespassing” sign.

  3. Immelmann says:

    Tree: “Your father was wise to warn you. I eat small children.”

  4. Maevrim says:

    Now I know where to buy little Whomping Willows.

  5. Altrissa says:

    Maybe it’s the kite eating tree from Charlie Brown?

  6. Probably a tree with heavy, rotten branches that need pruning out before they fall and kill somebody. There was a very sad incident in New York several years ago where a child was killed while sitting under a tree at summer camp in just this way.

  7. Khylen says:


  8. teucer says:

    Definitely. Although, I didn’t think the Potters grew their own.

  9. nikoletta says:

    its a whomping willow in potters field, coincidence? i think not! those whomping willows sure are dangerous this time of year…

  10. Link says:

    It’s the Deku tree from Ocarina of Time, kids

  11. RH says:

    …I was thinking Ents…

  12. Semper Fidelis says:

    You say you’re intrigued by the story? That’s interesting — I’m in-TREE-gid about it myself.

  13. Ajm says:

    well; it is in Potter’s Fields… Perhaps Hogwarts misplaced its Whomping Willow?
    O wait.. it is in London.. You found Hogwarts?

    • um... says:

      Well you see, to get on the TRAIN to Hogwarts, one must go to London. The actual location is several hours by train, as evinced by the wizards and witches not arriving until dark. I’ve always assumed Scotland is where the fictional school is located.

      Thus, Hogwarts is not, as you asserted, in London, but rather farther away. QED.

  14. Tiffany says:

    I suddenly have the uncontrollable urge to touch!! O.o

  15. Kit Kat says:

    @Immelmann- Pedotree??

  16. Lllll. says:

    …my first wife…her name was Kris…

  17. matt says:

    look up the tropical Sandbox Tree. it’s insanely poisonous, grows hundreds of feet tall, every inch is bristling with thorns which are similarly poisonous, its seeds have the same general shape, size and sharpness as bear claws (NO, NOT THE DOUGHNUT KIND), it can grow just about anywhere, and to top it all off, the fruit (again, poisonous) FUCKING EXPLODES. NO SHIT, IT USES THE SHRAPNEL METHOD FOR SEED DISTRIBUTION. You remember how I said they were shaped like bear claws? Seemed like a random detail at the time, didn’t it? So yes, dangerous tree, GTFO, holy shit, run!

  18. the cat says:

    @Link: the Deku Tree wasn’t dangerous, unless you went and goofed around inside.

  19. Charlotte says:

    @the cat: And even then it was only when the tree was cursed by Ganondorf.

  20. Crovie says:

    Maybe it””s a Manchineel Tree. That tree can kill you in a dozen different ways. It””s poisonous, it has spikes, its spikes are poisonous, its leaves are poisonous, rain that falls on its leaves and drips off becomes poisonous, its fruit is spiked and if you get past the spikes the inside is poisonous, and if you cut it or burn it, it releases poisonous fumes.

  21. Prongs says:

    Hah, it seems like everyone here thinks the same as I do…

    “Dangerous tre-”


    “O…kayyy. Obsessive Harry Potter fan much?”

    “yas. Yes, I am”

  22. sheep says:

    @JH: I was thinking the exact same thing. The angry Ent is contained to a (small?) area, though? Does not compute.

  23. djdexcat says:

    Quick, find that Yuyuko girl!

    [Oh, I know this ultra-geeky reference will go over everyone’s heads, but I couldn’t resist…]

  24. systemfreak says:

    Whomping Willows. . . . lets press the knob and go to the shreiking shack.

  25. GDR says:

    It’s at potters fields, so it must be enchanted!

  26. Kelly says:

    Just hope it doesn’t bloom!

  27. analslut says:


  28. rXnovae-franciae says:

    If only God had made a sign like that around his tree of Wisdom in the garden of Eden… Wait… Where was this picture taken?!

  29. 0xym0ron says:

    That is, if you’re a bird

  30. HPJediKnight says:

    this is obviously a reference to the whomping willow… hence “potters field” ~:)

  31. BoonPflug says:

    i was thinking about “order of the stick actually” xD
    all trees are sneaky assassins

  32. Jcatgrl says:

    @Ajm: Hogwarts is somewhere in Scotland, not London. But yah, it’s definitely a Whomping Willow.

  33. anotherfascist says:

    The truth is far less interesting (third reply):

    “On 24 July a large branch fell off about half way up. We called in our tree experts and they said there was clear signs of rot in the tree and suggested either very dramatic pollarding or felling due to the poor state health. We also contacted Southwark’s tree officer who agreed with me that the best solution was to fell the tree, as pollarding would only be a temporary solution before its final demise, it would look ugly having one pollarded tree in that area and it would be safer. The tree well be felled on Wednesday. We plan to replace the tree in the autumn/winter.”

  34. Doctorhj says:

    @khylen Yep. Whomping Willow.

  35. KiannaWatt says:

    Anyone else notice that it’s called POTTERS Fields?

  36. Kael-kun says:

    djdexcat says:
    December 30, 2009 at 22:36

    Quick, find that Yuyuko girl!

    [Oh, I know this ultra-geeky reference will go over everyone’s heads, but I couldn’t resist…] <—Hahaha, let me guess, the Ghost Princess of Hakugyokurou? Nice to find other Touhou fans roaming the internet.

    Kelly says:
    January 2, 2010 at 10:37

    Just hope it doesn’t bloom! <—Starting more and more to sound like the Saigyou Ayakashi cherry tree….And yeah, Saigyou Ayakashi blooming is BAD NEWS.

  37. Kschenke says:

    I’m kind of sad I wasn’t the first to think of Harry Potter. Oh well.

  38. coyotekitty says:

    (walks past sign)
    Me: See? There’s nothing he-
    (Branch stabs me in the back)

  39. audrey says:

    it’s called potters farms, its in london, and we have to be wary of violent trees. OBVIOUSLY where the whomping willows are grown.

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