No Doing Anything With Fish

No Doing Anything With Fish

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

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20 Responses to No Doing Anything With Fish

  1. Cindy B says:

    I feel bad for the fish in the pan, he is being cooked alive. You can tell he’s alive because his eyes aren’t little x’s like the fish in the last drawing. Poor guy. 😦

    But I don’t understand why it’s unacceptable to run away carrying a fish under your arm. Perhaps the stickman found the fish on the beach and is running to throw him back into the water before his eyes turn into little x’s.

  2. me says:

    the sign says u cant run with a fish but does that mean i also cant walk with one?

  3. robert ot says:

    umm I notice it didn’t say anything about sex with fish. (esos mexicanos son haters aveses)

  4. QD says:

    Can I carry a fish shaped sports bag?

    I think the fish in the middle is getting a sun tan.

    That third one, ouch! Right in the gills!

  5. jill says:

    i often run around with a giant fish tucked under my arm lol

  6. Shep333 says:

    no fish relay races? …denied.

  7. carlaacat says:

    It means, no eloping with a fish.

  8. Germ says:

    The fishnapper is hilarious!

  9. the cat says:

    Maybe “no walking your fish here”?

    @QD: Now I want a large fish-shaped bag.

  10. Gerogie says:

    so, if the love of my life is a fish, i cant run away with it and feed it bacon. then bury it when it dies?

  11. mskitty514 says:

    PSmith? Is that you?

  12. Cam says:

    The fact that the sign says Cemex on it leads me to believe that it may be a polluted stream and the fish are not good to eat. This sign may be in an area with poor literacy or several languages. Also fishnapping is a serious crime that leaves millions of fish emotionally scarred every year. I can’t believe people are so blasé about this.

  13. John says:

    All this means is that you’re allowed to fish, but you can’t take or eat the fish, or use a gaff to catch them (A gaff is a kind of barbed spear). This is common practise for private fisheries in the UK, where doing anything other than throwing the fish back after you’ve caught them is frowned upon. (stupid “sport” if you ask me)

  14. John says:

    As an addition to my other comment – The site is probably owned by Cemex – they have many old quarries that are now filled with water and used as fisheries. The reason for pictographic signs rather than written ones – if the site is in the UK – is that the major groups that do most of these things that piss off traditional anglers are eastern European migrants. Apparently Carp are a traditional Christmas dish in Poland, a fish that most brits would turn up their noses at.

  15. Jenni Montz says:

    Fishnapping: It’s a serious problem. Do your part. Stop the madness…
    Posted by: Cemex XP

  16. Lil says:

    “No fish races, No fish tanning, No fish pole vaulting.”

  17. Andy says:

    This is an anti-poaching sign aimed at Eastern Europeans who have been illegally taking carp for the table from angling lakes in the UK. Cemex are the lake owners, and resorted to this after experimenting with multi-language signs. I personally prefer the “both barrels of a 12-bore” method of poacher prevention, but ah well…

  18. Halfway says:

    “It was a sad day when little Runs with Fish found out he’d be the only one NOT allowed on the field trip to the pond. Yet another way the white man was tryin’ to keep him down.”

  19. MoonHitler says:

    Aw, damn. There goes my favourite sport.

  20. aww! says:

    Jeez what a buzzkill. Now how will we do the traditional Running of the Fish?

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