No Food, Drinks, or Sex

No Food, Drinks, or Sex

Sign in a shoe store

Submitted by: Found in a shoe/purse store in Crete, Greece via Oddly Specific

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14 Responses to No Food, Drinks, or Sex

  1. Immelmann says:

    Off topic: I like the new banner.

  2. MWS says:

    Question: Is the vestibule considered part of the shop?

  3. Raindancer says:

    Aww, but what else am I supposed to do in a shop?

  4. Maas says:

    Kinky Greeks if they had to actually put that up.

  5. PodSixerJerk says:

    COME ONE!!! I was just about to have my soda, while eating a Chicken sangwich, while having sex with a Swedish prostitute. I feel that my rights have been violated. Totally violated… and not in the good way or the fun way.

  6. Shep333 says:

    Shopping for purses really gets my girlfriend worked up. You sure we can’t just bend the rules for like 3 minutes?

  7. Velska says:

    The kinky Greeks had to actually put that sign up, because the Brits (not the Swedes so much, PSJ) go to southern Europe on vacation and get stinking drunk and think that, since they own everything in Europe, they are free to do anything, anywhere. Including having sex in a shoe store.

    Not so long ago, two British tourists, who were strangers to each other, were arrested for lewdness on a beach in a family resort area. They were drunk, they were on vacation, and they were horny, so they had sex on the beach with families with kids around.

    The dubious honor of being the porkiest (as drunken escapades go) used to belong to the Swedes, but now it goes to the Brits.

  8. Sonictoast says:

    Soooo…..does it mean like DIRECT sex? cause it never said ”No Sex Toys”

  9. eriC says:

    Sounds like Al Bundy’s using reverse psychology…

  10. Ef-Jay! says:

    I’m soooo want to fuck, get drunk and have dinner there… damn forbidden fruit!!!

  11. Mija says:

    Too late.
    You should mention that to your employee.

  12. VickyLee says:

    Shouldn’t this sign only be necessary in a porn shop?

  13. HelenaTroy says:

    Maybe if their serice was faster people wold’nt have to make their own entertainment in the queue …

  14. daniel says:

    “Damn it! When did they put that sign? Hmmm… Guess we’ll have to go some where else, babe…”

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