I Don’t Remember That Commandment

Submitted by: Arizona via Oddly Specific

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18 Responses to I Don’t Remember That Commandment

  1. Berserkas says:

    Or you get struck by lightning…

  2. Adam says:

    Well strike my with *thunder booms* a flying ice cream truck!

  3. anykey says:

    Was this by any chance taken in the virgin islands? While I was there I saw a church with these exact same signs.

  4. Chris says:

    I know what I want for Christmas now.

  5. randomnerd says:

    Note to self: God is picky about traffic laws…

  6. Andrew says:

    At the church of my youth, the pastor’s parking spot was marked by a sign reading “He who parketh here preacheth on Sunday.”

  7. Sonictoast says:

    Wierd….I thought this didnt apply to Moses’s Al Camero….

  8. jgt2598 says:

    This signs are oddly common in church parking lots. Personnaly, I think they may be overdoing it.

  9. Diddle says:

    Oh hey, my church has these 🙂

  10. douche says:

    Photoshopped, made gray and lighter so that it’s harder to tell

    • Nein says:

      No. Neither. Nein, null, non, Нема, Nicht, Ei. Not funny, or if you’re serious, READ THE OTHER COMMENTS!!!!!

  11. carafe says:

    they have one of these posted on the road behind my church; i’ve always loved it 😀

  12. Me says:

    Yeah our church had some of these signs. They all got stolen so we didn’t replace them. Corny, doncha think?

  13. Gracie says:

    The dorms at the college in Eugene, Oregon have these.

  14. Mr. Fuzzy says:

    I saw another sign like this, it said “Thou shall not block thy drive” right in some guys yard

  15. Random says:

    @ jgt

    Cause heaven forbid some people try a bit of humor :p

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