Gang Rape. It’s Strictly Prohibited.

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45 Responses to Gang Rape. It’s Strictly Prohibited.

  1. Wilbur says:

    I guess I can’t take my gang with me then…

  2. Norm says:

    Damn, THE MAN is always trying to bring me down….

  3. Eric says:

    This sign should be posted at the high schools in Richmond, CA.

  4. Liviu says:

    Makes me wonder about individual rape. Is that OK?

  5. Adam says:

    I was just going to! Then I saw this sign and now I can’t because it’s prohibited.

  6. Berserkas says:

    Oh, sorry, i’ll just go elsewhere, where it’s allowed XD

  7. Yeesh... says:

    I’m afraid it’s still not specific enough. How many make up a gang? Inquiring rapists want to know!

  8. RiderLeangle says:

    Well damn… There goes my weekend plans…

  9. Evil says:

    Problem solved. Good going, Halliburton!

  10. Again says:

    Well ain’t that a bitch…

  11. jmw says:

    That gives a new meaning to “violators”

  12. Glen Quagmire says:

    But one on one is ok, apparently. Interesting.

  13. Bruce says:

    And they needed to post this sign?

  14. gokinsmen says:

    Definite prank/photoshopping. Probably said “Graffiti is strictly prohibited” or something like that.

  15. NODEraser says:

    Photoshop always ruins the fun.

  16. TK says:

    I remember seeing this the last time I was on the bus…It aint photoshop.

  17. sam says:

    and i was totally going to rape a gang to!

  18. blargh says:

    so uh does that mean i can rap somone by myself hmmm … …

  19. Farding Blood says:

    Seattle is the gang rape capital of the world!! Keeps me busy. What a wonderful place!

  20. Shep333 says:

    PHOoEy!!Then I shall take my business elsewhere. I will say good day to you!! Know that I will be contacting my congressmen regarding your pompous, discriminatory business practices. GOOD DAY!!

  21. Very Strict Rules says:

    Definitely not photoshop. I actually noticed one just like it on 5th Ave N across from Seattle Center. Here’s the law (RCW 9A.44.040) that it cites:

    Makes me a little nervous about my walk home now.

  22. D! says:

    Well then don’t be leading me along on a bus with a suede ceiling, buster. Why else would I use mass public transportation?

  23. Spoon says:

    Please think very carefully about the things you are saying. Rape and sexual assault are horrible things that happen to people every day and definitely not something to EVER joke about. Jokes about rape and sexual assault make light of a very serious situation and send the message to the victims of these awful crimes that their pain is all just something to be laughed at and that their feelings are invalid. When you make or laugh at a rape joke, you are telling the rapists out there that what they are doing is something to be laughed at instead of something they should be locked up for. Is the the message you want to be sending?

  24. Blargl says:

    Yeesh… says: I’m afraid it’s still not specific enough. How many make up a gang? Inquiring rapists want to know!

    If two’s company, and three’s a crowd, I’d have to say that four or more constitutes a gang.

  25. Lil says:

    I’m going to rape the gang anyway!

  26. Shocktopus says:

    Spoon: Chill out. By making fun of things, you can take from said thing their power as solely destructive. Also, I think rapists will rape what they rape whether they think it’s funny or not.

    Also, who is in charge of the sign budget in this municipality? They obviously have too much money at their disposal.

  27. Steve says:

    Oh, stfu Spoon. Are we aloud to make jokes about murder? Natural disasters? Plagues of locusts? Maybe you could give us a list.

  28. Sonictoast says:

    …does this apply to the McDonalds?

  29. jgt2598 says:

    @Spoon. Are you running for election or something?
    Look, this would be horrible IF this were a picture of someone getting raped and people were making light of it, but no one is making light of RAPE, just of a wierd sign.(And since when does making fun of something make it ok? If I make fun of how crazy the Nazis were, am I condoning the Holocaust?)

  30. hooray4loners says:

    soo rape is fine ryt?as long as it’s not gang rape..=/

  31. fr says:

    the whole thing is being totally mis-understood. it is strictly prohibited to film a gang rape. that’s it. all you guys out there: weekend plans aren’t over. just leave your cameras at home.

  32. Hinako says:

    If this is Photoshopped, they photoshopped the RCW number as well, cuz I looked it up, and its the right number

  33. Beelzebot says:

    This isn’t a photoshop, but it is a prank. One of my friends made a few of these just to fuck with people…and he’s laughing his ass off at the responses.

  34. Ef-Jay! says:

    There go my plans for tonight…

  35. Dino says:

    Did anyone consider this sign might be found in a jail or prison ?

  36. This isn’t photoshop, its actually on at least one of the dodgier buses in seattle(I would know as I also saw it and took a picture of it on my phone). What’s funny is that it was pointed out by another rider that the bus didn’t have any cameras.

  37. carafe says:

    the subtext should read “violators will be violated,” so the punishment can fit the crime!

    at first i thought it was in a closed-off stairwell, which would definitely be a good place for it, especially parking complexes

  38. napkinbob says:

    This is photoshopped

  39. tehhorror says:

    but any other rape is just fine

  40. Christy says:


    OMG, you again, you are hilarious!!

  41. MoonHitler says:

    Yes. Violators.

  42. OhNoes says:

    They should also mention in the fine print exactly what will happen to said gang rape members in prison. Definitely a reversal of fortune (and position) in the showers. Don’t drop the soap or there’ll be a bus-sized dong coming right on through!

  43. Ghoti says:

    This sign not shopped it is definitely real. I’ve seen them on buses in Seattle. Whether or not it’s some elaborate prank, I can’t tell you.

  44. HelenaTroy says:

    I can just imagine a small group getting off in court because they weren’t a “gang” and so there was no ban on them doing what they felt like …

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