Bombs Away!

Bombs Away!

Submitted by: somewhere in england via Oddly Specific

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30 Responses to Bombs Away!

  1. Kohdok says:

    So if I shoot the missiles rather than simply tossing them, that’s okay?

  2. Stueymon says:

    Somewhere in England?

    Maybe… Scarborough? just a guess?

    “missiles” is taken to mean any thrown object

    Missile (disambiguation)
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Missile can mean:

    * In older usage, any thrown object
    * In usual modern usage, a self-propelled explosive projectile used as a weapon towards a target; see also List of missiles.
    * Missile (film), a 1987 documentary
    * “Missile” (song), a 2005 single by IAMX
    * Missiles (album), a 2008 album by The Dears
    * The Missile, nickname of American football player Qadry Ismail
    * Missile, another name for a dart

  3. AJ says:

    A missile is anything that is thrown, like a projectile. This sign is not funny or inaccurate. You fail.

  4. Megan says:

    This blog has made my week XD

  5. Shnurui says:

    Heave Ho!

  6. zorll says:

    oh no, I was throwing missiles at boats and in the sailors face thinking that was all ok.

  7. Jason says:


    Yes we know that “missile” can refer to a hurled projectile. It’s still a funny sign!

    Quit being so frickin literal minded.

  8. Pique says:

    the council noticed it was a criminal offence.

  9. Kate says:

    Scarborough council in the UK = the best fucking council in the UK!
    For the best traffic light display, visit Scarborough!

  10. DaveK says:


    >”Yes we know that “missile” can refer to a hurled projectile. It’s still a funny sign! ”

    But it’s anything *but* “Oddly specific”, since it goes to some trouble to use the most general word for any kind of thrown projectile possible.

  11. immi says:

    someone in miami actually fired a rocket launcher at a cargo ship in the 70’s… idk if its relevant though

  12. Lance says:

    Soooo… If I shoot 5 magic missiles for d4 damage each, that’s not a problem..? 😛

  13. the cat says:

    “Submitted by: somewhere in england via Oddly Specific”
    That’s awfully vague. 😛

  14. Emily says:

    “Somewhere in England”
    hmm…if only the name of the town was on the sign.. oh wait..
    (btw I love Scarborough, the best place for a weekend away 🙂 )

  15. Sonictoast says:

    Sooo….would this mean that Atom Bomb i bought cant be used?

  16. napafats says:

    i didn’t notice

  17. jgt2598 says:

    Hey AJ, if we took all these signs in context, then none of them would be funny.

  18. Merry says:

    Am I the only one who likes the redundancy of the “Scarborough Borough Council”?

  19. Collie says:

    Oddly, it isn’t Scarborough – it’s about 15miles north in Whitby (famous for Capt Cook) in the Scarborough Borough Council area, by the marina. Specifically, try 54.48352 -0.61193 Lat/Long!

  20. Ef-Jay! says:

    Cobra and his minions had installed their base in Scarborough…

  21. Jim says:

    I used to pass this sign every day, it’s in Whitby marina.

  22. I live in Scarborough,UK and I’ve not seen this sign but it looks real old.I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled though.

  23. just seen previous comments and its in whitby!!good effort whitbyites,you continue to surprise us with your wit and antics.

  24. Unoriginal says:

    Well thankfully the sign was there, otherwise I would have…

  25. Max Sizemore says:

    Cop: “Did you notice anyone throwing missiles at boats?” Bystander: “No officer, I swear I didn’t see a thing.” Cop: “That’s good, because if you did I’d have to arrest you for a criminal offence.”

  26. Alixxx says:

    I want to know where that sign is… I spend alot of time in scarborough and have never seen that sign… 😛

  27. Luis says:

    I can’t believe I’ve been missing this for almost a year!
    The idea of someone even saying that is hilarious!

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