Thanks. The Suspense Was Killing Me.

Yes,yes it is photoshopped thank you.

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34 Responses to Thanks. The Suspense Was Killing Me.

  1. Moriarty says:

    This pond will be YOUR DOOM!

  2. MuggleMadness says:

    “Animals &” sounds pretty promising.

    • Nit Pic says:

      You would think that they would have painted over the “&” when they painted over picnic area. Now it’s just asking to be vandalized.

      I’m thinking “Animals & Dinosawrs”

    • Messmon says:

      I thought it was cheaply edited because you could see it clearly.

  3. Tim Poston says:

    Photograph the same scene in snowy weather, with a thin layer of ice, and the pond _could_ be the Doom of drivers seeking the Additional Parking. Useful warning.

  4. d says:

    If you look closely it says Animals & (Picnic Area)

  5. tehweave says:

    “This is a pond.”

    THANK you!

  6. D says:

    thanks, thought it was a giraffe…

  7. Sam says:

    Yes, but while they were whiting out “Picnic Area” they should have hit the “&” as well. Unless that wasn’t covered by their budget.

  8. deadnotsleeping says:

    “what, you mean my choices are ‘Animals &’??”
    “Well, we’re all out of picnic area, we didn’t expect such a rush.”

  9. grami says:

    Maybe after leaving the brewery you need to have the obvious pointed out. Wonder how many drove into it before the sign.

  10. Gullek says:

    Is this Hyland Orchard in Sturbridge MA?

  11. T. Jonze says:

    My favorite part about this sign (and this complex in general) is the ethnic area and it’s right next to the animals so they don’t have to walk far.

  12. Sinjin says:

    What happened to the picnic area

  13. Azz says:

    I imagine it was added to the sign after one of these scenarios:

    (One of the best parts about these signs is attempting to imagine the situation that led to them becoming necessary.)

  14. gokinsmen says:

    Obviously photoshopped signs are not funny. This looks like it was done in MS Paint.

  15. jordan says:

    yes gullek it is. Gotta love massachusetts

  16. PodSixerJerk says:

    I have found Atlantis…. in a muddy and polluted pond. Polluted by the creamy goodness of ice cream.

  17. Lyinar says:

    It seems like every single one of these, someone claims it’s photoshopped…

  18. Hi says:

    You know, it DOES sort of look photoshopped now that you mention it. But I’d like to think it’s not.

  19. ko58 says:

    needs a guard rail…

  20. Elizabeth W. says:

    I could see how with that “additional parking” arrow placed as it is, you might want to point out that is a pond. In the winter that could be a big problem…

  21. Crotalus says:

    Not shooped, real sign @ Hyland Brewery.

  22. Snail says:

    wow, I was there before. How did I not see that?

  23. xD Blog! says:

    This is not a pond…

  24. Shep333 says:

    Sinjin…obviously the “Picnic Arena” was overrun with animals, what with all the drunk tourists throwing thier ice cream and such at them and the animals finally having a convenient water supply pointed out to them. Also the “Picnic Arena” was clearly a bad idea, hungry animals can be awfully competitive what with all that food flying around, it is no wonder why an entire bottle of WhiteOut was necessary to…

  25. Carton says:

    I find the dead balloons on the tree pretty funny on thier own :3

  26. Clever Name Here says:

    So… are they saying you have to go THROUGH the pond to get to the ice cream?
    Doesn’t make any sense, because it’s easier to get to the beer. 🙂

  27. Jorge Fieldman says:

    Can anyone here suggest a nice place to find a veterinarian job?

  28. LaserLiza says:

    No it’s not. That’s just what we WANT you to think.

  29. daniel says:

    That’s a pond and this is a comment.

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