I Guess The Secret is Out Now.

Neighborhood of SpiderKids?

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12 Responses to I Guess The Secret is Out Now.

  1. Rich_Roast says:

    This is utterly mental. Are the nuclear warheads taking walks now? Have they somehow mutated into intelligent beings? With legs, or wheels, or driving licenses? And, whether or not a nuclear warhead is marked as such, are people really not able to tell what they are? Are they wearing disguises? Fake moustaches and funny spectacles?

    Also, whilst keeping children radiation-free is certainly a laudable pursuit, it can only be relevant to the above in the scariest way possible. Last I looked, outside of Hollywood driving into a nuclear warhead will not detonate it. It will total the vehicle, but it won’t cause a thermo-nuclear explosion (even if that were the worry, I think keeping radiation-free would be the last thing on our children’s minds). I’m going to assume, then, that we’re not only talking about wandering ICBMs, but wandering ICBMs which are leaking, or at this point, breathing radiation Godzilla-like at any children they find.

    Nuclear warheads disguised as giant inspector Cluesoes walking the highways breathing green clouds of radiation at innocent children.

    Everything about this sign is wrong.

  2. Grant says:

    The nukes are carried in trucks. The trucks are unmarked for security purposes. Security details also travel with the trucks, also in unmarked vehicles. Driving safely prevents you from crashing into an ICBM loaded truck and from a resulting radiation leak. What is so weird about this? Don’t they drive nukes around where you live?

  3. Sam says:

    Next goal: keep the sign-makers radiation free.

  4. Someone says:

    Well, they could have been referring to Metal Gears… those things like to take walks…

  5. ginger_wookey says:

    @Grant – what, so they drive nukes round for sight-seeing trips near you?

    Personally, I am happy imagining the giant radiation-breathing Inspector Clusoes…

  6. Someone says:

    Grant, relax that be might what the sign meant, but the wording of the sign is whats funny. I think the image of the giant Inspector Clusoes is good, but I would rather go with giant Maxwell Smarts (I think Steve Carroll does a better job but I digress……)

  7. So, where exactly is this sign at? Does it still exist, or is this just an old photograph? I like to find stuff like this in my travels, its always good for an entertaining story.

    • Adeas says:

      This sign was located just north of Concordia, Kansas. However, I believe it was removed when US-81 was rebuilt and widened. I have not been that way recently, so I don’t know if it was put back up after the construction was finished.

    • Frederica Bimble says:

      I drove past it in ’91 but that was the latest for me.

  8. Paige says:


  9. mike d says:

    i’m not sure if you people are trolling or are just that simple…they transport warheads by truck just as grant said…well derrrererrrrphppphh so they take them on sight seeing tours now? umm no..you don’t launch a nuke from the lab you built it in..so whether these nukes are being transported to a nuclear test site or to be nestled away in a cozy launch bay…drive safe

    • Frederica Bimble says:

      The sign is located in the area where the missiles were kept under ground or in grain silos during the Reagan years. I passed one which was on the back of a truck after that era – around ’91.

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