I Just Threw Up A little

I Just Threw Up A little

Submitted by: An aquaintance’s facebook page via Oddly Specific

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10 Responses to I Just Threw Up A little

  1. Kait says:

    Oh, god. I am embarrassed to live in chicago now.

  2. Shep333 says:

    Ima open up a Rat Farm/Dog Park in chicago. No mess and the $ ill save on rat food=success!

  3. Jack says:

    Note that there’s a range of fines, even for the first offense. Perhaps this correlates to the quantity of feces in question.

  4. bookie says:

    i remember when they first started putting these signs up in the alleys in chicago. it made me so proud to be a chicagoan!

  5. LetThemEatCrack says:

    This isn’t just a goofy sign, its fucking lies. Rats don’t eat dogshit. At the very best, they MIGHT pick an undigested peanut or something out of dogshit, i they were extremely desperate and surrounded by dogshit. Small rodents avoid the feces of predators, as the feces of predators tends to suggest there are predators arround.
    Face it Chicago, you fuckers just have rats… and its probably got all the fat slobs who live there than it does with their shitting dogs.

  6. LetThemEatCrack says:

    er, throw a ‘more to do with’ in after that ‘probably got’. Or dont. whatever works.

  7. LG says:

    Wow, a sign I recognize. I went through Chicago taking pictures of their various rodent-related signs (all of which actually boil down to “Clean up after yourself, or the evil rats will invade”). The “Target: Rats” sign is even better – the rat in that one practically has shark’s teeth.

  8. KiannaWatt says:

    That’s not true! If it was my backyard would be full of rats 24/7!! I have 4 dogs!

  9. WhoopDehLoop says:

    No running away! Face those tickets like the man you are! D:<

  10. Allen says:

    I’ve seen one dog “pick up” after another. Apparently it was her habit to eat the other dog’s fresh turds. Really. She didn’t chew….

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