You Know What You Did.

Get Off My Lawn!

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26 Responses to You Know What You Did.

  1. Keith says:

    FYI: The bottom reads as follows…

    “Scientologists, Jehovah’s Witnesses know why.
    Jerry, taking and keeping peoples’ stuff without asking isn’t borrowing.
    It’s stealing. [CA Code 4?4] Stealing from the 1 neighbor who’s tried to
    defend your ??? behavior to other neighbors [You took the ???s’
    mail box? Why?] is stupidity. When you’re not stupid you can come

  2. MT says:

    I wish these people were my neighbors.

  3. apg says:

    I used to work at McD’s and there was a sign just like this…

  4. heidrance says:

    These people are so much nicer than me. I would have included the line “Scientologists and Jehovah’s Witnesses — Jerry lives next door.”

  5. kake79 says:

    But what about the Mormons?

  6. redtwo says:

    They’re going to talk to Jerry anyway. But now, they have something to talk to him about!

  7. Nebraska Tim says:

    They’re cool.

  8. bloopoo says:

    LOL @ heidrance! :>D

  9. Someone says:

    I would like a print of this sign- then I’d photocopy it and place it outside complete stranger’s houses and watch as they scratch their heads on how it got there and why they didn’t think of it before.

  10. kellly says:

    I think this is rather sweet… they’re giving him the chance to improve himself, pointing out what he did to piss off the entire neighbourhood & makes it clear if he returns the neighbours’ stuff he can go there. It’s cute

  11. darksorceressmonoke says:

    Ah so THIS is Anonymous’s headquarters. XD

  12. Jerry from Montana says:


  13. Jerry says:

    well, they weren’t USING the mailbox…

  14. B says:

    They probably ARE mormons 😀 Maybe even fundmentalist christians (even worse!)

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  16. C says:

    Lol that’s probably Jerry in general, they don’t want them in.

  17. MoonHitler says:

    I didn’t realise people actually did that.

  18. me says:

    WTF DID I DO?!–love, Jerry

  19. your mom says:

    the paragraph just under it is even funnier

  20. Dmytron says:

    I am Jehovah’s Witness myself and don’t understand why people are so lazy – they don’t want to use their tongue to say ‘No, I don’t want to talk with you’ myself.

    Some years passed… The head of the family have met Jehovah’s Witnesses on the street. He began to like it, have studied Bible with JWs and have baptized. He have changed his attitude to Jerry. There is a new sign there:
    “Jehovah’s Witnesses and our neighbor Jerry welcome. But scientologists are still not.”

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