BEWARE! Take care. Squirrels.

Oh Nuts

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24 Responses to BEWARE! Take care. Squirrels.

  1. SM says:

    ‘shopped. Text and sign don’t match up.

  2. Kwazzi says:

    Shopped or not it could happen. At a restaraunt where I worked as a teenager we used to have to throw the rubbish into the skip from a distance and run like hell because two possums took up residence there for a month.

  3. Daffy says:

    This isn’t shopped. I’ve seen this sign in Yosemite. They have a hell of a lot of squirrels and they go in the trash cans by the cafeterias to get the food that people throw away.

  4. John Sasso says:

    Not ‘shopped, idiot. That’s from the San Francisco zoo. I saw them last month.

  5. FunnehKid says:

    Alright Guys.. I’ll meet you At The Elephants near the end of the Zoo. As soon as I throw away this Cu—– OH MY GOD MY HAND!

  6. Kat says:

    I saw a similar sign when I was young. Except instead of “squirrels” it said “raccoons”. And one day I went to throw my napkins away and I found a baby raccoon stuck in the rubbish bin.

  7. Sam says:

    Why Photoshop it anyway? You could just make the sign yourself, affix it to a trashcan, and take a picture.

  8. Kelly says:

    No my plans are ruined! Retreat my Squirrel army, retreat!

  9. Julia says:

    I work at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo, and we have these on our trash cans–it’s actually kind of a big problem. If you open the trashcan and a squirrel’s inside, it often jumps out really suprisingly. We’ve actually had a couple kids get attacked by them–no joke.

  10. Sid says:

    Not Shopped. Yosemite National Park.

    Live there.

  11. Lark says:

    What the- Who threw away this perfectly good squirrel?!

  12. Shep333 says:

    Are you warning me, or do you expect me to go around opening all the garbage cans i pass around here in hopes of rescuing some woe-begotten squirrels from thier trashy tombs? Because if thats the case i got better things to do Jack.

  13. Mary says:

    Yep, we have these signs at my school as well. We don’t let the squirrels live on campus. They let US live on campus. They could easily kill us all in our sleep.

  14. Catlin says:

    We had these signs at the first college I went to, I even had to print and cut some of them (hence the text not matching up the text). There were more squirrels than students! They did love Cheetos though, they would even run up to doors and beg if they saw you inside with a bag.

  15. Catlin says:

    oops, text not matching up with the edge

  16. Devon says:

    so real. when I was in high school in Seattle, they didn’t even bother with signs. They just cut holes in the corners of the lids so the squirrels wouldn’t get trapped inside. They figured out long ago that there’s easy food in the trash cans, but once they get in they can’t get out. My entertainment during lunch was watching the football players freak out as they were attacked by kamikazi squirrels!

  17. Fanboy Wife says:

    Thanks for the warning!

  18. Glen (or Glenda) says:

    I think the caption writer is an Ed Wood fan 🙂

  19. Not shopped. I went to school on that campus, and that’s a sign at the UBC Botanical Gardens. My photo of the same can is here:

    Ironically, the one time I did have a squirrel rocket out of one of those cans, it was one without a sign.

  20. VickyLee says:

    “When Animals Attack: Campus Edition”

  21. OhNoes says:

    The Assassin Squirrel, or Sciurus carolinensis sneakyninjarus, is a small black-furred mammal whose primary dwelling place is within the common trash receptacle.

    Its distribution is vast; these blood-thirsty squirrels can be found across North America. Its diet consists of scavenged items from various trash receptacles, and the occasional college student.

    Their favourite drink is a potent mix of human blood and Mountain Dew. Squirrels have been observed fighting to the death for this unique beverage. Other notable liquids they consume are various carbonated or alcoholic beverages infused with the blood of their victims, though they will substitute pizza sauce should their preferred liquid be unavailable.

    The Assassin Squirrel’s hunting tactics for large game such as humans are quite simple: lying in wait until their prey have satisfied their own hunger and come to the receptacle to dispose of trash, or the many intoxicated humans wandering around college and university campuses who decide to vomit into the Assassin Squirrel’s chosen home. They burst from their habitat with what is colloquially known as the “death squeal”, which -combined with the suddenness of their appearance- is enough to stun an adult human.

    Most non-intoxicated humans will flee upon encountering this deranged omnivore, and it is indeed the safest course of action. Humans under the influence of drugs such as alcohol or marijuana may find it difficult to escape the malevolent squirrels.

    If confronted with the Assassin Squirrel, run far and fast. It will chew out your innards if you hang around.

  22. pDUB says:

    ive actually had this happen to me.
    horribly terrifying. fuckin rats.

  23. Luis says:

    shopped or not, America must be aware of this…Squirrels in Traashcans Awareness….

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